Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Bite Out Of Life

Blog 1509 – 11.05.2019

Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Bite Out Of Life

It is amazing to me now to see how the interpreters of mythology, some of them at least, made the supposed fall of man and creation hinge on taking a bite from a delectable and delicious piece of fruit. If there was indeed a fall depicted in the story it took place before the fruit biting incident. It is my opinion mankind’s heart was already compromised and estranger from the Great Creator because he/she/we had done a little creating of our own. Satan, depicted in the story as a serpent, is none other than the false god, puny ego. He questions the goodness of God, he always has, but not always will. He has an end, we do not. However all who listen to him in this space/time place are less for it, but he is the creation of man not God.

The very idea that God would create such a monster or even a delectable and delicious fruit and then say we cannot eat it as some kind of test of loyalty is absurd. Many unreconcilable things in all Scriptures are of the same vein. We are told in the New Testament, not at that time itself accepted as Holy Writ, that holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. News flash, they always have and continue to, Holy Women too. We are all Holy and Whole but only the words we write or say that are not dictated by ego and ego too is the root of all misinterpreting and most if not all misunderstanding too that comes into play. Puny ego has a field day anytime we listen to his take, his twist, on things instead of trusting the still small voice that always speaks true.

We live in what is called the Information Age but so much of that information is twisted to tie us in knots and to keep us from knowing the real facts, the true, true.

But we, all of us, have within us an infallible true detector, the spirit of truth. Christians especially “second blessing ones” like to believe that they have a corner on God, on truth, or the Spirit of Truth. They do not. Our very breath is the spirit of God moving in and out keeping our bodies and minds alive. Many non-Christian scientists, not the Christian sect, real scientists, have discovered great world changing things by paying attention, by listening, and keeping their eyes and minds open.

Early scientists learned delicious fruits ferments into delicious drinks that instead of spoiling get even better tasting with age. And yes, ego used that discovery too and continues to, to ruin the lives of many, but that is not the Creator’s fault nor the scientists, nor the distillers, but ours if will fall victim to ego’s lies by listening to the wrong voice, and thereby misusing this wondrous creation full of discoveries to our hurt.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Fruit eater, drinker, and picky listener,

David White

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