The Best Doctors

Blog 1510 – 11.06.2019

The Best Doctors

Good doctors are not trying to get rich off writing prescriptions or doing unnecessary tests or surgeries, they really do practice their sacred oath “to do no harm” physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially to their patients, and are trying to help them, not hurt them. And good doctors are acutely aware that the six doctors mentioned in the picture above today are truly the best doctors.

Sunshine – for there is nothing quite like a big dose of melatonin and vitamin D to give one a healthy glow. We lighter skin folk who easily turn pink instead of golden bronze need to limit long exposure but sunshine is not our enemy as some warn, it is good for all things that live and grow and nothing is lovelier or more welcome especially on cool days or after several cloudy days than a bright sunrise.

Water – the essence of life, is where physical life most surely began. Why, that is why we search the moon, Mars, our near neighbors, and all throughout the galaxies for signs of water, for water is necessary for life as we know it. Our bodies are mostly water, we swim in it inside our mothers as we prepare for our entrance into this world. Barely a few days without it and our spirits take flight, no longer at home in the body.

Rest – to our great hurt and the shortness of our stay we often fail to follow the prescription of this good doctor. “Oh, Sleep, that knits the raveled sleeve of care.” I heard two interesting statistical observations regarding the twice annual time changes to and back from Daylight Savings Time. In the spring when we lose but one hour of sleep the rate of heart attacks go up 21 percent. And when we gain an hour of sleep in the fall the rate of heart attacks go down 21 percent. We cannot make up the sleep we lose. It does not work that way. We surely shorten our lives by failing to get the proper rest. Ask the Doctor.

Air – like love it is critically needed for life to continue. Eight minutes without oxygen and the brain begins to die. Eight minutes without love and you feel like you have died. We hear of miracles regarding drowning victims who survive being deprived of air for longer but they are few and far between. We must have clean air to breath or we will get sick and die before our time. I need, we all need a little air.

Exercise – one of the primary causes of obesity and early death is sitting down too much of the time. I have in the past picked on people who walk a long way from their cars in the parking lot to sit down and ride through shops in motorized carts for disabled shoppers. If you need the help avail yourself of it but if you can keep chugging under your own steam your train will stay fitter for the long haul. The added benefit of exercise besides keeping the weight down and living longer is that you will feel better and have a more cheerful attitude.

Diet – oh dreaded word. It should not be. Our bodies are machines and need fuel. But unless we want to look like gasoline tanker trucks we should fill up only as needed and not fill our tank full every time we pass a filling station. Carrying all that extra weight wears everything out faster.

Eating an apple a day will not keep the doctor away, but following the good advice of these six doctors who charge the least for it, will add a lot of good and healthy days to our lives.

What’s up, Doc? You knew that was coming.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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