Hey, Baby

Blog 1495 – 10.22.2019

Hey, Baby

Just one month and it will be the anniversary of my sexy birthday, my sixty-ninth, pun intended. I learned from my beloved dearly departed daughter Emily to celebrate not just my birthday, my birthday weekend, or birthday week, but my whole birthday month. And so to launch my sexy birthday month I am adding another song to my Daily Mockingbird Song List today. Here it is for you also.


Hey, Baby

Long before I heard the lovely Supremes sing Baby Love, to me “Baby” was the most endearing term. My handsome brother Robert when he was three had a little trouble pronouncing my name and so David came out Baby. He was so sweet and said it so lovingly that I have loved the name Baby ever since and therefore call the things and people I love most by my most favorite name – Baby. Why, I even call my beloved ride, my beautiful Ram 1500 Crew-Cab, short bed pick-up, just back from getting her damaged back side fixed, “Baby.” So if you see me smiling today, it is not just because it is the first day of my birthday month but because Baby has his Baby back.

For some strange reason the image of Fat Bastard from the Mike Myers Austin Powers’ movie singing, “I love my baby back, baby back – ribs” just flashed across my mind. What a funny guy, Mike Myers, in all his many characterizations. And then Austin Powers’ signature line is, “Yeah, Baby.”

So to all you wonderful babies out there, in all shapes and sizes, colors of the rainbow, from zero to sixty plus, Baby and I say it today and everyday, “Happy Birthday, Baby and many happy returns. Yeah, Baby, have a great day. Hey, Baby.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

From one Baby to another,

David White

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