My Fascination With Movies

Blog 1493 – 10.20.2019

My Fascination With Movies

Except for the period in my life when I was trying to comply with the strict tenants of a very narrow Christian Fundamentalists group I have always tried to see a new movie each weekend if I had a Saturday or Sunday off work. For the last seven years I have traveled with my work and actually spent all total less than a couple of month at home in Houston, Texas. Go Astros.

One of the first things I look for when I move my little travel trailer to a new campground where I will be working, or if all the campgrounds are closed for the winter, a motel or extended say place, is the nearest movie theater. Sometimes I have to drive more than a few miles to get my big screen fix. When I worked in Wyoming near Baggs and stayed at a campground there, the nearest town with a movie theater was Craig, Colorado, about thirty-two miles away. Even then it was no multiplex but like movie theaters in the nineteen fifties there were only two showings in the evening at seven and nine p.m. and maybe two different movies to chose from.

When I particularly like a movie I will buy the DVD or Blue Ray when it comes out so I can watch it again and again. Great movies are the books of the twentieth century and the quality of many TV series have become good movie quality programming as evidenced by all the binge watching. HBO’s Dexter was the first series that I binge watched and I am always looking to find a great TV series to binge watch. I am currently watching Designated Survivor on Netflix.

I was a very poor reader as a child. I really did not learn to love to read till I was through high school and in the military. I read many books the year I spent in Vietnam as many people sent the soldiers serving there free books. I am still grateful to all those caring people. Because I did not read but loved stories as a child so I watched a lot of black and white TV, especially the old movies many of which were based on best selling books. Many of my book reports for school were based more on the movies that I saw on TV rather than a book that I actually read.

It was in front of the TV and at the movie theater that all those wonderful stories unfolded before my eyes and fascinated my heart and mind. I have, I think, lived many previous lives for I seem to recognize my many previous faces in the movies and books that I have read. I am still fascinated with the movies. Many weekends I go Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday I saw the new Zombieland movie. I am not a great fan of zombies, in fact I have never watched a single episode of The Living Dead. We all have differing tastes but usually I find something to appreciate in any well-made movie with a story and I did in Zombieland Double Tap. For me it is all about the story and there was a story and lots Elvis memorabilia, what’s not to like about that for a Tennessee boy.

See you all at the movies. Thank you, thank you very much.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

AMC Stubs Member, life-long Elvis fan,

David White

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