Any Special Requests?

Blog 1492 – 10.19.2019

Any Special Requests?

From time to time in my limited capacity as not just a writer of blogs but also a Mockingbird bird singer and reader of children’s books I will receive a special request. Someone thinks a subject or a book that appeals to them might also appeal to me or says this song or book is just right for your voice. And, no, I have no plans to sing and record, “l’ll be glad when you’re gone, you rascal you.” I am making provisions that these blogs, my Mockingbird songs, and children’s book readings will be available, as they are now, free for anyone interested, long after I have left this stage.

And I know that sounds perhaps a bit vain or worse sacrilegious in our anything and everything for profit worshipping world but I have no over blown since of the worth of my gifts. I just want to share all the treasures that I possess with my family. You, reading this, are my family as much as blood relations or those by marriage.

Once, after Jesus became popular, the crowd was pressing in to see him and touch him and someone shouted to him, “Don’t you realize that your mother, brothers, and sisters are wanting to talk to you?” And Jesus said motioning to the crowd who had come to see and hear him, “These are my brothers and sisters.” I do not think he intended to slight his blood relations, only to point out that we are all family and that no one should expect to be treated as less. You read that right, I almost wrote that no one should expect preferential treatment but I thought better of it. Anyone who got close to Jesus got his undivided attention, the full weight of his love and caring, or so the story goes. Nor should we love any differently than unreservedly and yet with focus, focus, focus.

We seem to measure love out as if it were in short supply. Or we say that this one or that one is too demanding or unworthy of our love. It is like the ole adage, “ If you want something done give it to the busiest person because they get things done.” That was Jesus great draw for he had love enough for all as he knew Who and Whose he was and he knew that the capacity of the divine/human heart to love is unlimited. As he was so are we in this world.

George Bailey in the Christmas classic, A Wonderful Life, was called “The richest man in town” not because his cash reserves came any where close to to those of ole man Potter’s but because everyone could count on George to help make their lives better in ways only genuine love and caring ever could. He was rich in friends more than willing to give back to the man who gave his all to each and all of them.

I consider all requests and do my best to fulfill as many as I can but please do not get your feeling hurt if it takes some time to get around to some of them. I put a lot more into this than may seem apparent. Lots of thought, time practicing in preparation, rewrites, re-takes, and re-dos before I am satisfied enough to put it out there for my family, friends, and fans (three words that are synonymous to me.) Sometimes, often in fact, I revisit requests that at first I did not consider doing, but later seeing them with different eyes, I go ahead and do those too.

Unless I get called away on another adventure as many already have, I intend to stay at this for at least another thirty one years. Since I first heard the song by Five for Fighting, One Hundred Years, it has been sort of a theme song for me. (It is one of three songs I am currently practicing and preparing to record for my Daily Mockingbird Song.)

Most of this life, I have been such a slow learner that it took me fifty-nine years to realize Who and Whose I am. Ten years later I am still thrilled and fulfilled for this is the fun part, I would not miss a moment of it for the world, and I want to make it last as long as I can.

I wonder when it dawned on Jesus, Who and Whose he was? We know from the story that he had a clue already at twelve so even if he knew then he still had only had twenty-one years to live with that full knowledge, to take, and to grant requests.

Greater works than he did, we shall do, by his own word. Guess we had better get busy.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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