Keys And Passwords To The Treasure House

Blog 1491 – 10.18.2019

Keys And Passwords To The Treasure House

In his life of over seventy-three years my dad collected many things including the hearts of his wife, children, family and many friends. I think my dad must have picked up every nut, bolt, screw, and nail that he ever saw. He kept them in cans, buckets, and jars on the back porch till he and mom could finally afford to buy a house and then he kept them with his many tools in the separate garage, his treasure house.

One of the many things my dad collected was keys. He had hundreds of different kinds and sizes of keys. I remember as a boy being fascinated by my dad’s collection of keys and wondering at all the doors of buildings, houses, cars, trucks, and treasure chests that they might fit.

We live in a world where most treasures anymore are not kept behind locked doors or in steel boxes with locks and keys but digitally and protected by passwords. My dad was not a computer guy, had no cell phone and even resisted learning how to operated a VCR as long as he could.

The only passwords my daddy knew were the sign and counter-sign code words that military people used in his war, World War 2, to pass through checkpoints. My dad was old school and he believed in locks and keys.

He would have felt it all a big waste, people spending so much time on their smart phones, their tablets, and their computers. Dad’s idea of happiness was reading, hunting and fishing mostly alone or being with family and friends gathered around a table sharing a meal or playing cards or table games and swapping stories. He had a treasure trove of them that you could easily access if you had the key or knew the passwords. The key and passwords were one in the same, “Tell is a story.”

I can still hear all of my dad’s wonderful stories in my head. I am glad I ,too, have discovered the great joy he knew in sharing stories. My dad’s true treasure house as most of ours is was his wonderful stories. “Tell that one again, Dad, the three F’s are listening.”

Your friend, family and fan,

Fellow traveler, story teller,

And reader of children’s books,

David White

Miss Nelson Is Missing

At this time I have read and recorded eighty-eight children’s books and continue to email a different one out to friends and fans of children’s stories each morning. Interested? Just email me at and asked to be put on the list. Or if no longer interested let me know as well and I will remove your name from the list. So many wonderful children’s books out there. I could be at this a while before I start repeating stories.

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