Great Expectations

Blog 1488 – 10.15.2019

Great Expectations

Did you ever notice how consistently what comes to us is exactly what we expect? I believe, and many others do too, that is because “thoughts become things” or that we draw into our own experience the things we think about most and expect.

As a young teenager over a half a century ago one of the few school assignments I actually ever read was Charles Dicken’s classic “Great Expectations.” It was a very sad love story, as sad as so many often are, the why being, I think, that we so often obsess about a particular person to perhaps the exclusion of one of many that might better be one if not the great love of our lives.

The Secret, that is no secret really, regarding getting everything we want from this life not excluding friends and including even a very special romantic one is keeping our thoughts focused on what we want not who or how and especially not on what we do not want and always allowing room for the Universe to substitute, to improvise, and to bring to us exactly and in most cases better than what we want.

Amazingly, many of us have as great a difficulty doing those two relatively simple things as Pip did in Dicken’s story, because we have constricted our minds to always expect the worst. And that too often is a self-fulfilling or rather self-sabotaging prophecy. No sooner do we discover what we really want (And figuring that out is the most important use of our mind) than our own ego or that of others begins to list all the reasons why we do not deserve what we want and why it will never be ours.

Stop listening to that liar whose answer is always, “No.” And listen to the One whose promises are always, “Yes.” The word says, “What so ever you ask, believing, you shall receive.” Again ego pipes up listing all of the reasons that might never be or trying to qualify or limit that simple promise convincing us to forever be indecisive about our order or to cancel it entirely. The “believing” meant in the promise is neither magic nor a religious blind faith but an eyes-opened, mind-opened, heart opened, and hands and arms opened in expectation of receiving what we request ASAP. (As Soon As Possible, not a fan of acronyms myself, when I do use them I do try to always spell them out as some have several meanings like LOL, laugh out loud, lots of luck, or look out Lass or Laddie – I just made that last one up, or did I?)

Prove me, He/She says, and see if I will not open up the storehouse of heaven and pour you out more than you can contain. The Universe has a much bigger warehouse, unlimited selection, and free delivery, bigger, and more reliable than Amazon’s. Any substitutes are always equal and of better quality and guaranteed to meet or exceed our greatest expectations.

Your thoughts are the key, says He/She, call unto me and I will answer thee. You have not because you ask not or because you ask amiss (the “to consume it on your lusts” garbled goop not withstanding- to ask amiss is to doubt, to fear, or to cancel the order ourself before it is ever filled.) Either way we always get what we really want.

Thoughts become things, pick the best ones.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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