The Heart That Keeps Showing Up

Blog 1489 – 10.16.2019

The Heart That Keeps Showing Up

Some weeks ago after searching high and low I concluded that my heart-shaped medallion pictured above must have been lost and let it go. I had carried it faithfully for over two years as a constant reminder to not forget who I truly am. I had misplaced it many times as indeed I have the knowledge it typifies and that many more times throughout my life, believing instead that I was who others said I was or worse my own puny ego’s pronouncement that I was a constant fool, foil, and ne’r-do-well and believe me, I did my best to live up to that reputation to my own misery and the few who saw through my disguise and wished and expected better of me.

A few evenings ago I was putting a few dishes away that had been in the sink dish drainer and used so often that I had just let them stay there. Guess what I found, my heart that continues to show up. I had misplaced it but had not missed it that much because I had changed the lock screen on my smart phone to an image of the “I am Holy, I am Whole” side of the heart medallion after I could not find it. And like most smart phone owner I saw it way more often that way than looking at the change in my pocket.

Would that all our hearts showed up as often, day in and day out. What a more loving and compassionate world this would be. But then that, too, is all up to us. Take a moment, several actually and scattered them throughout your waking hours, be smarter than that smart phone and look up, and say clearly with eye-contact to the person nearest you, probably on their cell phone too, “You matter more to me than social media, the sports’s scores, and all the news.” They should for you do.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And fellow screen addict,

Hoping that all our hearts show up,

And that we take a moment to look up,

David White

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