I Have Enjoyed My Replacement Ride

Blog 1487 – 10.14.2018

I Have Enjoyed My Replacement Ride

Two weeks ago yesterday I had a chance encounter of the rear-end kind. The rear bumper of my trusty Ram pick-up was hit as I stopped in traffic on a hill. It was an, “Oh, shit” moment (My mother’s go to cuss word – sweet church lady taught me well). My immediate thought was this is going to be a bother and I admit I was not at first smiling when I got out of the truck to inspect the damage and swap insurance information with the lovely young woman who had been distracted driving (No, not by her cell phone but a sandwich.) It only takes a moment’s distraction to cause an accident. I have had a lot of distracted moments and caused my share of accidents. We were smiling, soon celebrating the fact that neither of us was hurt and that the only things that were could be easily fixed, the rear of my truck and the front of her car.

Fast forward just two days and I am in the above pictured new Nissan Rogue while my Baby is in the body shop getting a new back side. Getting used to the controls was educational. I drove it over a week in the dark with just the running lights on. My truck headlights can be set to come on automatically. A friendly truck driver at a red light asked me if I knew that my tail lights were out. That was only half of that story, the half he saw from behind, so were my headlights. Easily remedied by turning the switch. Duh. Baffling the brilliance, the headlights, not my own. But I have to chuckle – we can all be so entertaining.

Today or tomorrow I will get my Baby back, all fixed, and I will have to return the sporty little Rogue. I have enjoyed the ride and someday when my day job is through and I have a place to park an extra vehicle, I hope to again have a sporty little vehicle to drive as well as my pick-up for hauling my little house on the prairie on wheels around. I have begun a campaign of talking my wife, for some years a big Buick person, into making her next new car a sporty little one like my replacement ride, maybe a Nissan, a Honda, or a Toyota. Relax, auto union workers, they are all three made in America, so we’ll still be doing our part to keep America’s economy great. Sure many of the parts come from Mexico and Canada, but they are North Americans too.

Happy driving, accident free, to all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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