Blog 1486 – 10.13.2019


It seems we are always looking for a sign. A seventies pick up line for guys and gals was, “What is your sign?” And many people follow the signs of the Zodiac or the signs of the times. Hucksters, grifters, con-men, preachers, and politicians, often one in the same, are always offering and interpreting the signs of the times. I had to laugh at a George Carlin quote I saw recently, “The first thing I learned about God is that He needs money.” George had quite away of hitting the nail on the head with his witting, astute, and humorous quips. I really miss him.

If you are looking for a sign look no further, Dorothy, than your own back yard, or more particularly within. There reside all the signs you need, ones tailor made for you, that you can trust. Ego, ours and everyone else’s, is the orchestrator and arbiter of all the outward signs that are so often doom and gloom and meant to make us fearful and panicky. But there is peace like a river flowing within our souls.

A child of the fifties and sixties, I love the way we kids took Winston Churchill and Richard Nixson’s V for Victory sign and made it into a Peace Sign. One of my contemporaries sang in a song called Signs, “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign say this, do this don’t do that, can’t you read the sign.” Further along in the song he wisely added, “What gives you the right to put up a sign to keep Mother Nature our?”

I think it a sign of the times that more and more light is being shed on the the greed of corporations and of their investors who have sold their birthright not for porridge but for profits. I do not begrudge anyone a fair profit for their ideas, inventions, and labors but we, our children, and grandchildren need not be sold into slavery nor our environment raped and pillaged for the ever bigger piles of cash for the few who want to be Patrons and have rest of us be Peons.

The sign within reads, “There is no shortage of water, food, shelter, nor air, for there is plenty, more than enough to share. We are stewards of Mother Nature/Father Sky’s bounty.”

Peace, far out, Man.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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