A Tale Of One Fearless Adventurer

Blog 1485 – 10.12.2019

A Tale Of One Fearless Adventurer

One of the most fearless adventurers in time and space that I have known in this life time once upon a time was a tiny baby in my arms. Seven years ago my beloved daughter Emily left this adventure to boldly go where many have gone before but few came back to tell us about. And no I am not talking about the continuing mission of the Starship Enterprise nor of Dorothy Gale’s house or balloon flying adventures either but going beyond the pale.

It is a journey we have yet to face and may have already faced many times but forgot, memory being put aside for a while, likely a prerequisite to fully enjoying additional adventures in space and time.

I recently rediscovered a Father’s Day CD that Emily as an adult made for me. I share from it her vocal with a jazz band. The lyrics to this song are familiar to most and many have sung them, myself included, but none lovelier than Kansas and Oz’s Dorothy Gale played by Judy Garland and as well by my Emily Elaine, intrepid fearless time and space adventurer.


Emily’s Over The Rainbow

When I was a boy I heard it said, “There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Rainbows have two ends, this side and the other, like Oz and Kansas they can both be home. In the event that I do not get to meet you this time, on this side of the rainbow, after this adventure, I expect we both will again go over the rainbow and experience other wonderful adventures together. Those with all the rest, I am sure we will treasure.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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