The Mad Dash Versus The Still Small Voice

Blog 1484 – 10.11.2019

The Mad Dash Versus The Still Small Voice

The reason Ego prefers confusion, distraction, chaos, noise, and the mad dash is that in this life what he/she is most fearful of is that we will stop, be still, and listen to the still small voice and remember Who and Whose we are and the real reason we came here. We are as my friend Mike Dooley so eloquently puts it “fearless adventurers in time and space.”

Through this blog and his I have met one of those fearless adventurers who lives down under in Australia, a place I hope to visit before this adventure ends. My Aussie friend, Paul V. Cannon, is an exceptional writer and poet among many other things and he and I have compared notes more than once. Recently in a blog called Every Now And Again I posted this picture:

Paul commented:

“Wonderful, and, naturally know and love that proverb.”

And I replied to his comment:

“I figured that would catch your eye and attention, you beloved Aussie you. How much we miss not listening to the first people, here, there, and everywhere. They learned long ago to listen to the trees, rocks, hills, and streams all echoing that still small voice within.”

His astute and concise lob back at me:

“O yes indeed David, we need to get back to that listening.”

It is not the first nor I am sure will it be this last time that Paul’s words inspired me to string a few more encouraging words together. Another proverb says just as steel sharpens steel, man sharpens man (relax ladies that is man as in the complete sense “Human” or “Mankind. No blonde jokes please, my hair used to be dirty blonde, now-a-days what is left is rapidly turning white. Still I think I’ll just skip the gray stage and go straight to ole sage white. I could be a sage you know, for I know their secret – listening deep before you speak. Or as council was given many years ago, “In that hour do not worry what you shall say for it shall be given you.” To make that prophesy come true we have only to be still and listen. “Be still and know that I am God.” We have His/Her ear but does She/He have ours?

Hear O Israel (the name means wrestled with God, from a dream Jacob had) the Lord God is One. We all wrestle with our true identity. It is a rigged match as some think all wrestling matches are – We Win in the end, how could we not, for we only wrestle with ourselves.

Your friend and fellow traveler,


David White

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