Reconciling The Predetermined Choice

Blog 1483 – 10.10.2019

Reconciling The Predetermined Choice

As a boy like many born in the Bible Belt I grew up in a very divided religious world, a world in which, as contradictory has it may sound, everyone was expected to choose between Calvinism (predestination) and Freewill (no fate but what we make.) The reconciling of these two polar opposite points has been a life long ambition of mine. Here goes.

Theologian John Calvin taught five major points and even many Calvinists have trouble swallowing all five points. The five points of Calvinism are:

1. Total depravity (all have fallen)

2. Unconditional election (God picks)

3. Irresistible grace (No one picked can say no)

4. Perseverance of the saints (the picked stay picked)

5. Limited atonement (only some are picked)

I can really only recommend the one in the middle, number three, irresistible grace. I have long loved the expression about God being “the hound of heaven” meaning like nineteen fifties TV Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, God always gets his man or woman, boy or girl. Oh yeah, as for number five, I think the word “at-one-ment” really says it all. God is One, there is no other, and no one and nothing opposing, outside, or apart from Him/Her. Therefore we are all part of the One, have always been, are now this moment, and shall ever be.

So you see I, too, am a Calvinist, a One point Calvinist. The beginning and the end are, I think, predetermined, we may experience a million different and varied dreams in the middle, none of which every changes for a moment Who and Whose we are. And we shall all awake just where we began and have always been no matter how it may seem in a particular dream, Home, Holy, and Whole.

And so are we now and shall always be – One.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Rewrite The Stars

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