Someday We’ll Know

Blog 1482 – 10.09.2019

Someday We’ll Know

I have for some days now been reading a wonderful series of children’s books by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James called Serendipity Books, published by Grolier Enterprises Inc., Danbury, Connecticut, for my daily David Reads Children’s Books email to a few select friends. (If you would like to be one of those friends just email me at and I will add your email address to the list.)

Yesterday, I read, The Dream Tree, about a little furry caterpillar named Patti who finding out from her mother that she would one day turn into a beautiful butterfly kept asking, “How does it feel to be a butterfly?” only to get the same answer from everyone she asked, “Someday you’ll know.”

Patti could not understand why someone who turned into a beautiful butterfly would not come back and tell the others what it was like. She determined to do just that when she became a butterfly. But when she did, the thrill of her new life was so all consuming that she only remembered her pledge to herself when she heard a young caterpillar shouting up to her, “What is it like?” and even then could only answer him herself with the same words that she had always been told, “Someday you’ll know.”

The Dream Tree

I believe many once masquerading caterpillars who discovered that they were actually butterflies have indeed returned to share the news but in most instances get so caught up themselves in their cover story that they forget what their original deep cover mission was. In one of my favorite movies, The Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson, Charlie Baltimore, played by Geena is a C.I.A. Operative shot in the head and left for dead who miraculously recovers but has lost most of her memories, only remembering her cover story identity, that of a middle school teacher named Samantha Caine. She came out of her coma expecting a baby girl that she names Caitlin and raises as a single mom. It is a fascinating story as she rediscovers who she really is.

That, I think, is what these lives of ours are all about – rediscovering time after time who we have always been. Like Charlie we went undercover but lost ourselves in our cover story, forgot who we truly are, and have to find it out all over again.

Some believe we have to die and go to heaven to know for sure but I believe that heaven is and has always been in our own heart and mind and with it the sure and certain knowledge of Who and Whose we are, have always been, and will always be. The someday we’ll know is the day we decide to.

Someday We’ll Know

(Mandy sings it better and is prettier too.)

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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