What You See In Me

Blog 1481 – 10.08.2019

What You See In Me

I am but a mirror

Mirrors all are we

Images of ourselves

Are all we ever see.

Pictures of us

In better clarity

To love, to loath

Always just “me.”

I am but a mirror

Of you my friend

Loving reflection

Beginning & end.

I have come to believe conflict resolution is often our best invitation to grow in understanding of Who and Whose we are. I heard myself say just yesterday that love is accepting people as they are and not seeing them as someone else or trying to change them. In any genuine effort at conflict resolution the first step is to identify the misunderstanding that is causing the conflict. We do not need to always agree on every detail but it is important to agree on the important things, “Loving and accepting one another just as we are being the most critical basis of any friendship or love relationship.” If we have to move, forsake our friends, or cherished beliefs, to fit into someone else’s box, or to gain or keep their love, they do not love us, nor we ourselves nearly enough.


Never Enough

When we do not love ourselves or others just as we/they are, nothing else will ever be enough. Oh, but when we do, we have discovered Who and Whose we are and the abundant life that has always been more than enough and ours to live.

If you do not like what you see in me, try combing your hair and putting on a big smile. You might enjoy the reflected image better.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Saying both love and beauty are in the eye of the beholder,

David White

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