Raggedy Ann

Blog 1471 – 09.27.2019

Raggedy Ann

I have long been a fan of Raggedy Ann and have bought more than a few as a gifts for sweet girls over the years, her candy “I love you” heart beating close to theirs. In my new additional morning project David Reads Children’s Books, I do just that, recording a book and posting it each morning. I recently read Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny Gruelle. Here is a link to the first of eight stories in that wonderful book:


Introducing Raggedy Ann

If you would like to hear the rest of the Raggedy Ann stories or any other of the now over sixty children’s books that I have recorded just send your email address to dwhite6359@gmail.com and say you would like to be put on the DRCB email list. At the beginning of each reading I list the title, author, and publisher if anyone wants to obtain a copy of the book to look at the pictures as it is being read to them or to read to themselves, a child, grandchild, great grandchild, or any other child they might want to read to.

Someone close to me who I was trying to talk into giving my recorded books a listen said she thought tactile books would be out of fashion soon with everyone, children included, reading on screens. Even so I believe as long as there are children, including that one that lives inside each of us, that children’s books will always be read and children always enjoy being read to. I do and if nobody else gets much out of my reading and recording of these books I have and will continue to.

I began this daily blog about four and a half years ago and still do not have the large following that I hoped to have by now. But I am not discouraged, that would be an awful thing indeed for an encouraging word guy. I do have people all over the world reading my blogs everyday and more following them each day as well. And I am far from done, at least I hope I have yet many blogs in me to write and post.

A little over two years ago I started recording my cover of songs that touch me, sort of karaoke style and posting them in a morning email to friends called Daily Mockingbird Song. I would be happy to share those with anyone as well as the David Reads Children’s Books.

From time to time I have and will attach a link to a Mockingbird song that seems to fit with what I might be blogging about. And I am sure that I will do the same with these wonderful children stories. Whether I am a wonderful writer, singer, or reader is for you to decide. And I am not fishing for a compliment, like, or comment, just trying to share freely with you the riches that I have freely received.

I once dreamed that I might make a living writing. Someday I may supplement my retirement income from day jobs that I have held and hold (if I ever retire) with the sale of articles from my blogs collected into books perhaps or with speaking fees. But anything I ever write, sing, or read will always be free to anyone who wants it at http://www.theencouragingword.co, or in email form from The Daily Mockingbird Song, or David Read’s Children’s Books.

I do actually plan to give up my day job in three or four years, when I can fully retire. I hope to then line up talks all over the world and add speaking to my To Do Daily List. Maybe after ten thousand talks I will be a better and more expert speaker. Till then you have just these three ways to hear what Crazy Dave might have to say – this blog, my daily song, and children’s book reading. Look for me here each day giving it and you my very best, just like Raggedy Ann.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The little girl in the picture with Raggedy Ann is my beloved and dearly departed daughter, Emily Elaine White. She too had a sweet heart with “I Love You” printed boldly and deeply upon it.


Love Me

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