Little Moves, Little Moves

Blog 1472 – 09.28.2019

Little Moves, Little Moves

In one of my favorite movies, Contact with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, a young girl who grows up to be the woman Jodie plays is taught by her dad that to zero in on a Ham radio signal that she must make little moves, tiny moves, with the dial. Yesterday, I made a little move with my little house on wheels on the prairie. In anticipation of colder weather coming in a month or so I moved from Space 87 to Space 110 which is one of the few spaces in the campground with a heat strip on the in ground water line and that will stay open after the campground all but closes at the end of October.

I have made a lot of little moves in my life time, few really big ones at least long fast ones like my trip to Vietnam and back again eleven months later or three flights to Europe for work: one to Germany, one to Italy, one to Scotland, and then home again. Those seemed like larger, faster moves but even they were first, foremost, and in actuality only a series of a lot of little moves.

We are constantly in motion. The atoms that make up our physical bodies are like solar systems ever spinning in their orbits. Spiritually we are all burning flickering flames, all sparkling and shining search lights, forever casting our light this way and that. We are forever vibrating and moving, making relatively little moves but we are much Iike Einstein’s Theory of Relativity a really big deal and even little moves are big moves in the grand scheme of things.

I do recall as a teenager having a bit of difficulty trying to learn to drive my parents’ station wagon because it had power steering and the slightest move of the steering wheel had me weaving back and forth in the road, my dad not the most patient of teachers, was yelling so loudly that I just pulled the car over to the side of the road got out and walked around to the other side without saying a word. When he later bought me my first car with money that I had saved sacking groceries after school he had no trouble teaching me to drive it even though it unlike the station wagon had a manual shift transmission, three speed on the column and a clutch in the floor, but because it had manual steering it was much easier for me not to overcompensate. That is a big problem for many of us in life – over reacting and over compensating. Little moves, little moves, most often keep us right on track. The journey of a lifetime always begins, consists of, and ends with baby steps. Relax and enjoy the journey.

Your friend and fellow travel,

David White

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