Like Santa’s Big Bag of Tricks, Treats, And Toys

Blog 1470 – 09.26.2019

Like Santa’s Big Bag Of Tricks, Treats & Toys

I was having lunch the other day at one of my favorite places to eat the mid-day meal where I am currently working in Bloomington, Indiana. The place is called Sugar Daddy’s because their main source of revenue is not feeding customers hot daily specials in the fifties style diner but catering delicious desserts. The walls of the diner are covered with mostly pictures of Marilyn Monroe. As a child of the fifties myself the iconic images of my childhood goddess always thrill me. For the ladies there are also pictures of James Dean and Roy Rogers and for those always young at heart Bozo the Clown and Howdy Doody Jack-in-the-boxes and lunchboxes.

I have made it a habit of late as the construction crew that I am inspecting for is working nearby to have lunch at Sugar Daddy’s about three times a week. Usually the sound system is pumping out fifties rock, a lot of Elvis, Ricky Nelson classics etc. but on this particular day I noted Christmas tunes were playing. The waitress was pretty stressed about it and I heard her say to another customer in frustration, “And to top it off she is playing Christmas music.” As she walked off in a humorous attempt to ease the tension I spoke up to that customer and with a big smile in my voice said, “Ah, yes, Christmas in September.” He chuckled, “Yes, indeed.” Most everyone has more than a few pleasant Christmas treats and toys to recall, happy Christmas time memories to remember.

I have dressed up like Santa and had a ball doing it more than a few times in my life. Once for a Christmas in July themed Sunday when I worked in a large children’s ministry at a church in Houston, Texas many years ago. Another time closer to Christmas time I dropped by my son’s elementary school to give the students and teachers a surprise visit from the Big Guy.

The last time I donned the red suit, beard, and boots was a Halloween four years ago to help a friend pass out candy at her door. Many kids and their parents seemed thrilled to see Mr. Ho Ho himself with a big bag of treats and out a couple of months early sharing the goodies.

Santa always has a big bag of tricks and treats, also toys for all the “good” girls and boys.” I love the line from the cowboy Gene Autry’s Christmas classic, Here Comes Santa Claus where he sings:

“Santa Claus knows we’re all God’s children, that makes everything right. So fill your heart’s with Christmas cheer, ‘cause Santa Claus comes tonight.”

It is too easy to let troubles and disappointments frustrate us and allow work, bills, and worries get us all stressed out but if we just remember Who and Whose we are (whether acting good or bad – All God’s children) we can answer for ourselves Elvis’ Christmas song question, “Why can’t every day be like Christmas?” Indeed, each day can and we like Santa himself with a big bag of tricks, treats, and toys for all the girls and boys.

That is what I want this blog to ever be, a place where anyone choosing to can read something fun, smile provoking, and encouraging. Today I pulled Santa out of my big bag of tricks.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas in September, every month, and every day of the year.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And one of Santa’s helpers,

David White

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