What We Hate We Need To Love

Blog 1469 – 09.25.2019

What We Hate We Need To Love

Before you start citing examples of hateful things and people deserving of an imaginary eternal hell relax and realize that all the people and things we see are made of the same stuff as we and are only reflections of those things we find most difficult to see in ourselves. Why else would that flaw, weakness, or “nastiness” be such a hurtful problem to us?

I know you law and order folk will take issue with me on this subject, I used to be a death penalty supporter, gun nut, hunter, and I was even a soldier once. But, not long after my mother used a hand gun to take her own life, one that my daddy before his death bought her for self-protection, I started to rethink my position on guns and supporting the idea of violence to prevent violence. I know that guns do not kill people, people do, but I also know that every person ever shot or killed with a gun was “family” there are no good guys, no bad guys, just you and me and we often disagree, and there are no enemies only brothers and sisters, parents and children. We are all family. And who in their right mind would turn a gun on their family, only a person made crazy by fear and hatred.

Most of us have been raised in an eye for and eye, might makes right culture and have been in one way or another victims of child abuse either physical or harsh and equally terrible verbal abuse. Child abusers are not born that way they are home grown and our belief that war brings peace is like in kind with “Spare the rod and spoil the child… it is natural for a child to think silly thoughts but the rod will drive them far from him.” Now that is just complete and utter nonsense even if it is from the Bible and so wrongheaded and wrongly perpetuated and passed off as a good parenting skill. Coaching and gentle correction, are what children, adults and erring nations need not violence, physical, verbal, or outright warfare.

It is not enough to change the War Department’s name to the Department of Defense or to have the American Eagle on our national emblem face the olive branches instead of the arrows. We must speak and practice peace for peace to come. Trying to force our will and our way on others, be that children, adults, nature, or nations only results in rebellion, resentment, continuing conflict, and natural disasters in more abundance.

Hate only engenders hate and even statements like “I hate it when you act like that” should be better and more lovingly expressed in words like, “Why do you feel you need to act out like that.” Just assuming we always know the answer often is the real problem in the equation. But you do the math. Hate plus hate equals stress, trial and trouble, love plus love equals calm, joy, and peace.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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