The Bloody Tooth, The Bloody Truth

Blog 1467 – 09.24.2019

The Bloody Tooth, The Bloody Truth

I am very fortunate at almost sixty-nine to have only lost one tooth and that a jaw tooth, number nineteen, but a month and a half ago. Today, I have a dentist appointment to get two fillings replaced, also two crowns and a temporary bridge. The two crowns and bridge are all about filling the hole where the missing tooth was.

I have found that since losing the tooth, while chewing, that I bite my tongue more often than before. Those who do not often agree with what I write or say may not think that a bad idea, but I find it quite unpleasant. At first I thought of an implant though the cost of even one is about six thousand dollars. My dentist suggested that the two crowns and a bridge would cost half that or less and serve me as well and not require a bone density examination by an oral surgeon, surgery if my jaw bone mass was sufficient, and the long healing of the area around the implanted post before the replacement tooth could be installed, all taking as much as five or six months. The two crowns and two fitting replacements that I also need could be done in two short office visits, two weeks apart. So I was told, so I was sold, and so my first appoint was set for today.

I am excited to go to the dentist. Now that is a first. Not really, as the bloody tooth with cavity to the root cavity (not pictured, too bloody) that was removed was hurting me so much that last day or so that I was thrilled to get to see a dentist and to have done whatever it took to take away the pain. And that’s the bloody tooth. I mean the bloody truth.

I’ll let you know how it all goes in a couple of weeks.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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