Just Another Manic Monday

Blog 1466 – 09.23.2019

Just Another Manic Monday

Really? Who says, and Why? I know from having lived intimately with a person who was diagnosed bi-polar and schizophrenic, and no Sheldon my mother never had me tested. I am not referring to the one person I know who had been professionally diagnoses but to my very own manic/depressive swings. Here’s the thing, I believe we all, everyone of us, have a mind, both divine and human, and also an ego and that if we listen long enough and hard enough it will have us thinking crazy thoughts and worst acting them out.

I heard a comedian say once that he always heard people talking about hearing voices but that the only voices that he ever heard emanated from the kitchen specifically the refrigerator and the food pantry and were usually all agreed screaming, “Eat me.” I confess that sometimes I think I have to eat everything, especially all the sweet stuff in the house, to have any peace and quiet. Often it a choice between feeling a little stuffed or putting up with all that noise. I jest, but only a little.

Being manic, though a lot more fun than being depressed, is a very wearing and dangerous state to live in for very long and is quite hard on the nervous system and all the working parts of the body/brain machine. Something is surely going to break or snap with all that strain. Sadly, most of the meds prescribed to deal with manic/depressive symptoms only take out the highs and leave one only with the lows, living not really mellow but more zombie like. Many mental health train professionals reading this will perhaps have a field day with my over-simplifications of very real people problems. But at the risk of using a very poor pun there is a method to my madness and it is this. I believe that the greater problem with mental heath is actually a listening problem, and comes from listening almost exclusively to one voice, the wrong voice, ego.

Man invented ego, not some co-equal, or near it, dark-side god-like creature. Ego may pretend to be that but he/she is all bark and little substance or bite. Ego’s one and only trick is to make us think his/her voice is worth listening to. In one of Jesus most astute and revealing lessons he said, “My sheep hear my voice, they recognize it, they are not deceived by the stranger’s voice.” But how do I know who to listen to in all the competing voices one might say. Who indeed. Moses purported to hear a voice coming out of a burning bush according to the Old Testament. And also in the O.T. one prophet even heard an ass talk. Relax children it was a mule not a Mister or Miss Hiney.

There is a verse I especially like to consider when ego would have me entertain crazy thought or acts as ego often does us all. And it goes something like this: God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind… In those especially manic moments we have only to believe and claim the promise, remembering ego is not divine, merely an invention of our own when we first chose not to listen to the still small voice that always speaks truly and says, “I love you, I am you, relax enjoy the ride, even Monday, be still and know that I am God, and you. Do not listen to puny little ego, that Gollum like creature you made up yourself.” That is a much more intelligent speech than, “Eat me” but you might use that phrase if you feel compelled to speak back to ole ego.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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