Blog 1450 – 09.07.2019


Where does inspiration come from? Why, from everywhere and everyone of course, but mostly from deep down within our own heart of hearts. About a month and a half ago I began an additional morning project, that of an emailing a posting of myself reading a daily children’s book. A friend and fan suggested that if I would not mind she would like for me to read some children’s book that she had saved since her two children were little, recording them for her new first grand daughter Amelia (pictured above.) Isn’t she a little inspirational? Hard to believe we were once that cute and adorable.

I have heard it rather cynically proposed that baby’s are born with big eyes and sweet smiles as a sort of self defense, self protection, mechanism lest we kill the little shits for all the trouble they are from the very beginning through college and beyond. Jason Robards has a great line in the movie Parenthood where he tells his son Gil played by comedian Steve Martin when speaking to him about his younger brother Larry, in trouble as usual, played by Tom Hulce that parenthood is like Aunt Edna’s ass it just goes on and on and never stops. That is not the over romanticized version of parenthood and babies but there is an element of truth there. And babies are indeed born with that incredible cuteness so that we do not kill them in uttered tiredness and frustration before they have a chance to grow on us.

I loved and love both of my children and read children’s books to them but I confess it was mainly to get them to go to sleep so I could have a few peaceful moments before crashing myself. Forty-seven books in, most of them books I bought myself, not those supplied by my friend, I must say even though I might have begun reading them for little Amelia and perhaps other children, and their parents and grandparents who might want a break from bed-time story duty, that I have found that Baby (me) loves being read to, too. And what wonderful inspiration it is realizing all the inspiration that produced so many wonderful and varied stories.

As I write this piece I just read, recorded and posted, Harold and the Purple Crayon (one of my friend’s books) by Crockett Johnson, Harper Collins Publishers, copyright 1955 (When this Baby was but four years old most of that year.) My, what a wonderful book and I waited sixty-five years to hear it read and might have missed it but for my David Reads Children’s Books project. I highly recommend it for anyone six months to one hundred and sixteen who is looking for a little inspiration. Do get a copy for yourself and seize every opportunity you get to read it to a favorite baby. The illustrations are marvelous. Here are just the words.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Your friend and fellow traveler,

And reader of children’s books,

David White

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