Note To Men Who Love Women

Blog 1451 – 09.08.2019

Note To Men Who Love Women

In is high time that we spoke up and did something about it. I just read a blog by a woman writer that I follow in Kenya that talked about African women being raped and killed all over Africa and there being few if any follow-up articles written about justice for those deaths as if women are of less value than men. One of my favorite movies, Wind River, deals with the deaths of two young Native American women, in the case of only one of whom does the man responsible receives the punishment due him. At the end of the movie a horrendous figure is quoted of how many young Native American women go missing each year that no one does anything about and that far more cases are presumed to never even be reported. These statistics are true of mostly more marginalized minority women, yet it is still true that no woman or girl is safe in a world with so many men only pretending to love women. Those of us who truly do must do something.

I have a few suggestions beginning with – that we stop supporting and voting for womanizers, users and abusers of women, and those weak hypocritical self-serving politicians who support, shelter, and make excuses for them. A woman has a right to say “No”, and as well to choose when and if she wants to have a baby. And no man’s ego or “rights” should ever be able to supersede a woman’s rights, be he Pope, President, Senator, Congressman, Governor, Justice Of the Supreme Court, or King. It is time we quit allowing puny little male egos and their other relatively small members solely to dictate justice throughout the world.

We, everyone of us, came into this world through a woman and we owe that woman and all women love and respect for that act and countless others on our behalf to see us to adulthood and to make this world as clean, safe, and sane as it is and it is not nearly clean, safe, and sane enough for women.

Some other suggestions.

Pay women equal pay for equal work.

Stop preferential treatment of men in hiring and firing practices.

Respect, support, and defend a woman’s right to choose.

Promote and elect more women into positions of authority over men.

Stop believing that men are smarter, stronger, more capable than women

(The evidence points to an opposite conclusion and look at all the messes we men make from the start that require women to do the lioness share of clean up after.) Our very Mother Earth has little or no chance of surviving or we upon her unless we allow more compassionate and caring hearts and hands at the controls.

The lie little guys keep trying to fool themselves with, and not just in Muslim countries is, “Women can’t drive.” The truth is they can drive, work, and fly circles around most of us men and without destroying the world in the process.”

It is high time we let more of them do it and stopped the systematic killing of our most precious resource, not babies, but our girls and women. And for you ‘assholes’ who think I am a traitor to the “male race” there is only one race, idiots, and it is the human race, comprised yet of more women than men, and thankfully so.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Note: I apologize for using “assholes” and “idiots” what I meant to say was “dumbasses” and “ignoramuses.” There is a slight difference and even some very silly men might deserve the benefit of the doubt. But probably not.

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