A Salute To One Of My Friends And Fans

Blog 1447 – 09.05.2019

A Salute To One Of My Friends And Fans

I do so enjoy writing tributes and have to favorite writers, singers, songs, celebrities, and movies but I wish I could write a tribute to each one you who read my blogs, and listen to my Mockingbird songs, and to my Children’s books. In lieu of that or at least until I get time to I will focus on one of my most loyal readers and listeners, my dear Sister, Lyn Smith.

I do not think I am exaggerating when I say no one else has commented more often on my daily offerings. With those kind comments Lyn has made one of my intentions already come true – that people would look forward to my blog, song, and story like many used to look forward to their morning paper, like their window on the world.

Unlike the morning paper my focus is not just bad news, sports, comic strips, crossword puzzles, and advertising but rather an encouraging word, song, or story. Thank you, Lyn, for being one who regularly expresses your appreciation of my efforts. It does take a commitment of time and the sacrifice of a few extra morning zzz(s) to put together what I hope will be a sweet morning treat for all who per take. Somebody after all, has to get up early to make the doughnuts.

But all that effort great or small makes no difference if there are none with an appetite for it. Writers often talk about finding their voice or their audience. I worry little about either only about putting something out there that I think people will want and need to hear, that we are all One, and loved just as we are, no matter what. We are I think, everyone of us, looking for someone who gets us. Love gets you, and lets you be you. That is always something encouraging and wonderful.”

Thanks to fans like Lyn and you. I continue to reach down deep in my heart trying to bring up something new and special each day for all my friends,

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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