One Love

Blog 1446 – 09.04.2019

One Love

One Love

My daddy was a great story teller, my Father even better, fact is they name a lot of the best stories – His Story. I think I have inherited a bit of his/His/Her gift. Some people, I think, prefers my story-telling to my philosophizing, imagine that.

My book about my daughter Emily Elaine White, called, Emily – The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along, was not my first book. My first book I titled, My Life And Loves, and it was a biographical love story not of the many loves of Dobbie Gillis but of David White. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, some of the still living ladies that I mentioned in the story did not like my portrayal of them nor, I think, the fact that they were not the sole person I ever loved. Oddly enough, I got no such complaints from the no longer living, perhaps because they understand me better now or more likely because they are too busy with their new adventures to give a care what an old love from a past life might be up to. I lean more toward the first explanation.

One Love, in one sense is a seemingly silly notion but in another different sense perhaps it is the most true definition of love. Let me try to explain what I mean. Falling that, if I do, the song today is full of more than one clue.

In our often perilous search for love there are many clues along the way, some mistakes, but others to guide us true. There was a rock ‘n roll ballad in my younger days that said, “Even a bad love is better than no love at all.” So many great loves songs come from loves that went wrong. Whatever did you see in him/her some might ask, but that is a silly question, the un-uttered answer being “a chance to love and be loved.” That, my friends, is what I believe these continuing adventures are all about. Religious folks believe life is a quest to find God, psychologists – to finds self, smokers to find a light, but lovers to find someone to love and be loved by day and night. Happy hunting.

I believe I have found mine, she is still considering. But that’s okay. She has not run away yet, as other have. And that is an encouraging sign. My very critical, demanding, hard on herself and others mother, but also very loving, upon meeting my soon to be last wife and the longest and the most lasting love of my life, said (and I thought it a bit foreboding and scary at the time), “This woman is never going to let you get away.” Thirty years later and, God, I hope my mama was right. One Love to last through many, many lifetimes. I think I have found it. I hope you do too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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