I’m Like A Mockingbird

Blog 1445 – 09.03.2019

I’m Like A Mocking Bird


Like A Mockingbird

In a addition to this daily blog, I also publish a Daily Mockingbird Song email, and another email post called David Reads Children’s Books, to a limited and select group of friends, whose email addresses I have have and who have not yet requested that I unsubscribe them. I am always looking for new friends, interested in reading my blog, listening to my Mockingbird Songs, or hearing me read children’s books. Anyone interested need only email me at dwhite6359@gmail.com to request to receive either or both daily emails mentioned or type http://www.theencouragingword.co to read this or any one of the over fourteen hundred blogs that I have posted to date.

I do not claim to have expressed a totally original thought in any one of them but that I am in all aspects merely a Mockingbird, repeating what I have heard. If by chance any of it feels inspired to you as it does often to me I am glad and grateful. But I have few illusions (I almost wrote “no illusions” but thought better of it for I think we all have some illusions but that is no problem so long as they are serving us, when they cease to we should discard them.) My, what a long parenthetical phrase you have. All the better to make a point. My point in all three of my daily offerings is to remind each and everyone who reads, hears, or listens that we should be encouraged for we are all loved and loving no matter what it looks like at any given moment, there is an eternal moment in which we are One with everything and that Oneness is divine and sublime. Wow, that sounded almost inspired.

The thing about Mockingbirds according to what Atticus Finch said, the hero of Harper Lee’s wonderful book, To Kill A Mockingbird, is what his daddy taught him when he gave him his first rifle saying that he preferred that his son not shoot at any creatures but that he knew the temptation to shoot at birds would be too great. Still if he had to shoot at birds that he should only shoot at nuisance birds like jays and never at mockingbirds for in his mind it would be a sin to kill a mockingbird for all they do is sing their hearts out for us.

Like mockingbirds I do not spend an inordinate amount of time fretting over a missed note or wondering even if I have a good voice. I just sing my heart out hoping to lift the spirit of someone who hears, reads, or listens. They are not a bad callings all, singing, writing, or reading encouraging words. And who knows perhaps they might make a difference in someone else’s life, they certainly have in my own.

Your Mockingbird friend, writer, and

Reader as well of encouraging words,

David White

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