Think Happy Thoughts (Revisited)

Blog 1444 – 09.02.2019

Think Happy Thoughts (Revisited)

One of the best ways to always think happy thoughts is to surround ourselves with things that remind us to just that. Too often we do the exact opposite and surround ourselves with things that remind us of tragedies, deaths, and defeats. To quote the Apostle Paul, “Beloved, these things ought not so to be.”

A more modern friend of mine, Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe, says it best, “Thoughts Become Things.” We create the world around us by what we think about and dwell upon.

In my residence, too small for some but not me, a twenty foot pull behind camper trailer, that I call “My little house on wheels on the prairie” I surround myself even in this small space with things that remind me to think good thoughts. In addition to three Marilyn Monroe calendars with a new and different picture for every month, I have seven framed photographs of her (I just counted to get the number accurate.) My dear friend, Ben, emailed me a rare photo of Marilyn just yesterday, and I emailed back, “Thank you, Ben, for the lovely picture of Marilyn. A thing of beauty is joy forever and she always makes me smile as do thoughts of you. Thank you.”

I have a solar dancing snowman, thanksgiving turkey holding a sign saying “Be Thankful” between two solar dancing hula girls. Also hanging near my dance troupe, I have my growing collection of eleven beaded costumed zipper-pull girls. (Now twelve – just added a new Halloween one.) I could go on an on but will mention only three more happy thought reminders today. I have a beautiful bikini-Girl bottle opener that has Sante Fe written on it to remind me of a wonderful weekend spent in that sunny Southwest city my lovely wife Linda. ( I have several sexy pictures of her too for more than any other she is my Marilyn Monroe). Two, I have a photo of my handsome son, Jonathan, hamming it up pointing to the snow capped Rockies above him (Also one with a more sedate pose, the Mount Rushmore President’s looking down on him.) Third, I have a picture of my darling departed daughter, Emily, at about ten years old (She was with us till just passed her thirty-second birthday) resting her arm on a big beach ball globe and smiling her wonderful crooked little smile – what a gift then and now to my world. I refuse to be sad about her passing when she did and said so many things to make me glad.

My little one room and bath is cram-packed with lovely things that remind me to Think Happy Thoughts as the plate on the front of my pick-up (Pictured) also reminds me. Look close and you will see on the dash a solar dancing flower and a dancing hula girl that looks like my lovely Mama. She has been dead now nineteen years but is ever alive in my heart, and each thought of her too makes me smile.

This life is what we make it, what we think it is. My advice – Think Happy Thoughts.

Your friend and smiling fellow traveler.

David White

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