One-Der-Full, One-Der-Full

Blog 1435 – 08.25.2019

One-Der-Full, One-Der-Full

Sometimes I think of myself like a mild mannered Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet, working on some breaking story that readers are waiting to read. Each of us, I believe is a super hero in disguise, all with a unique and special story to tell. That is, my friends, the underlying theme of each blog that I write, to gently remind you (and sometimes perhaps not so gently) each and everyone of you of Who and Whose you are.

Clark Kent knew from a boy that that mild mannered business was just a mask, a masquerade, to hide his super strength and power. We, too often, get so caught up in our cover story that we forget to live the life we were meant to and came here to, instead settling for so much less, like forgetful birds, walking when we were made to soar.

There is this best selling story about a great king’s son who undertakes a secret mission that begins as he is born despite the angel and wise guy hype rather inconspicuously in a stable. He then leads a quiet unassuming life under the radar. But when he turns about thirty he begins a road tour that is still talked about today over two thousand years later. Did he all that time know Who and Whose he was? Probably not, but he had clues along the way as do we. Oh, but when we finally figure it out, that is when the real fun begins.

I am thinking of the crotchety old trainer in the first Rocky movie, played by the wonderful old character actor Burgess Meredith, when he says to Rocky, “I am going to make you a powerful person.” He did not make Rocky, played by Silverstein Stallone, a power person, he only helped him remove his disguise so he could see the truth with his own eyes, the Champion he really always was.

It is the same story repeated over and over again, not just a coming of age story but a coming into our own story. The sexy lines from the hardest working man in Rock ‘n Roll, the incomparable James Brown From Augusta, Georgia, also come to mind: “Get up off of that thing, shake it, you’ll feel better.” But, my own words here, be mindful of that long red cape, Super, you could put an eye own with that thing.

Have a super Sunday, and never forget Who and Whose you are. You and I, we all are One-Der-Full.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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