Something For A Monday Morning

Blog 1436 – 08.26.2019

Something For A Monday Morning

Often we do not realize as the Pogo cartoon did many years ago that, “We have discovered the enemy and it is us.” We create the world around us by our thoughts, words, and deeds. That is why my three fold slogan is:

Think Happy Thoughts

Say Happy Words

And Do As You Please, What Pleases You

It will please almost everyone else too except those who are bound and determined to be miserable in spite of all the happiness around them. Do not be your own “Debbie Downer.” Check your thoughts, watch the words coming out of your mouth, yes, even the words you listen to and agree with. Do not nod your head and agree with someone who says: “It is another crappy, Monday” or “It sucks to get older” or any other such “horse drip.” If you have to stay and listen to spare their feelings just say “Oh” every once in a while, meaning “Erase that toxic stuff, mind of mine.”

Speaking of horses, I just have to share a Bill Maher New Rule I saw and heard.

First he showed a picture of three beautiful horses’ faces with long shaggy manes that fell over their foreheads like Beatles hair cuts then said: “New rule, horses have to stop having better hair than humans. After all, they’re already hung like horses.” Are you smiling. Now that’s the way to start off a lovely Monday morning.

I am taking back Monday’s, rainy days, blue Tuesday’s, woeful Wednesday’s, terrible Thursday’s, bad hair days, black Friday’s, stormy Saturday’s, sleepy Sunday’s. Like the seventies sit-com with Ronnie Howard and Henry “the Fonze” Winkler I am for making all our days Happy Days.

You are a real “nut case” Crazy Dave. Maybe so, but I know that I am the creator of my own world and that they know me and love me here but even more important than that, I love it, and them. That is the not so secret weapon that is more powerful than any hang-over Monday morning – Love. You do not even have to put a little love in your heart, it is already there, just let it flow. It is so easy to find ourselves in a downward spinning spiral of gripes and grievances, moaning and complaining about everything and everyone. Been there, done that, and it was not pretty, but no more. I am going to walk only on the sunny side of my life till the sun finally goes down on this wonderful adventure.

Stroll along with me and remember that life is not just a trauma and drama filled soap opera but that the days of our lives are meant to be happy and fun.

Party on, dudes and dudettes, it’s Monday the first day of of the rest of our wonderful lives, all you handsome studs and beautiful mares. I am still laughing at Bill’s joke – Think Happy Thoughts.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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