Four Years Since I’ve Seen My Brother

Blog 1434 – 08.24.2019

Four Years Since I’ve Seen My Brother

Just yesterday as I was driving back from lunch, I saw a familiar face and form flagging traffic on the side of the road. I just had to pull over up ahead and walk back to make sure that I saw correctly. It was indeed a brother that I had works with several times when I was working in Indiana four years ago. We shook hands and talked briefly. He was working, and first did not recognize me with the beard that I am growing for my birthday, maybe longer, if I can learn to stand it.

When I was a boy, I had but one brother. And he when he was three he could not say David so he called me Baby. I have loved being called that ever since. The only name sweeter to me than Baby and my own is Brother. It has been some time since I saw my little brother. Oh, that’s right, several years ago having himself perhaps a “senior moment” he ended a text or email with, “Your loving Older Brother.” I texted or emailed right back that fifty plus years was more than enough being the older brother and that he could wear that title from then on and I would be content to be his little brother.

The story in some circles is that our big brother Jesus loved us so much that he left heaven to come see us and went through all that he did to prove his and father’s love for us. There are, to me, some glaring inconsistencies in that story as recorded in the Bible, but I still buy the basic premise, just not the fear and guilt, and long list of impossible rules that the “gatekeepers and toll-takers” insist on attaching to it. Jesus himself said that only two rules count, three to those who really are listening: “Love God and love your neighbor (brother) as you love yourself.”

It never is or has been about “Right and Wrong” but it always is and has been about “Loving.” That is the what, the where for, and the why we are here – to learn to love and to explore more adventures in loving. I am of the opinion that it might take many lifetimes to even begin this journey. The young boy when asked why dogs live such short lives relative to humans, thought for a moment then wisely answered: “We are here to learn how to love but dog’s already know how to love so they don’t have to stay very long.”

Sometimes I think I have already lived several lifetimes in just this one and that I still am just learning how to love. Truth is that we like dogs start out already knowing how to love but we get caught up in all the drama and trauma of life and forget what we know and have to learn it all over again each time we take our eyes off the prize. Some even say that the reason babies cannot talk is that being so fresh from heavenly plains they might spill the beans and spoil the illusion that these dream lives are only that – divine dream adventures in time and space so we can rediscover over and over again, Who and Whose we truly are – gods, God’s (like most words it makes little difference how you capitalize or punctuate it) on vacation. The funny movie Dogma explores that theme hilariously. The joke is on us (onus – maybe even the spacing between words is not nearly as important as we have been taught.)

Why, in this dream sometimes even what we think to be our biggest mistakes turn out to be some of our biggest blessings. A three year old brother’s slip of the tongue certainly was and still is to me. I am forever his Baby Brother because of that slip. I have not seen my blood brother Bob in four years as well. But we are all blood brothers and sisters really both in our DNA and more importantly in our spirits. I say this as a loving young couple who for some years shared this dream with me taught me to when I was first called baby by Robert – “Sweet Dreams.” From God’s lips to yours and my ears it meant then and always means, “I love you. God Bless you, nighty-night, Sweetheart, as my little Shirley so sweetly sang.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And forever brother,

David White


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