I Am Not The Only Baby

Blog 1427 – 08.17.2019

I Am Not The Only Baby

Sometimes we all act like babies. And that is not always a bad thing but can be pretty wonderful, both being babied and babying. A couple of days ago I posted on this blog that I am a “Can Do” guy and with that comment my Mockingbird version of the torch-singer song, I Know How To Do It. I heard Natalie Merchant sing that wonderful song at the 1999 Rock In Roll Hall of Fame celebration and was flabbergasted, wow, what a sexy tune. Oh, Natalie, I never knew you had it in you. So I sung it along with a recording of her doing it for several years and changed a few words so I could sing it from the male perspective.

Natalie sings, “When you say, please me, Mama, it’s eight to the bar.” But in my version it is, “When you say please me, Daddy it’s eight to the bar.” She sings, “If you see a fellow who’s mellow and fine, tell him to come and see me any ole time ‘cause I know how to do it.” My version has “a girlie who’s mellow and fine.” Oh, Baby, that sounds pretty good to me.

I still have real problems with any man, or woman for that matter, who thinks paradise would be seventy-two virgins. Most thinking men and women would prefer one person who knew how to do it and would therefore appreciate doing unto another what they would love having done to them. That, my friends, is this Baby’s sexy version of The Golden Rule. It works for me and it would, I think, make paradise a lot more attractive destination, more of a Paris, Tahiti, or Club-Med version.

I am thinking of the line where Jesus said that the harlots would enter heaven ahead of the “church folk” of his day. One of my favorite almost jokes is: “Jesus loved whores and so do I.” Before you get your panties in a bunch. I definite “whore” as a person of either sex who loves sex. Pretty intelligent people in my book and no surprise they would be first in line for heaven having spent enough OMG moments here to know with whom and where they want to be for all eternity and doing what they already know how to do so well.

Some call sex, making love, and some call making love, the best idea God ever came up with, if it was really his/her original idea. I think it was some sexy angel, you perhaps, saying, “I got an idea, God/Goddess, and folks are gonna love it and line up to learn how to do it. This is gonna rock their world.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

About to celebrate my Sexy birthday on Nov. 22 –

Sexty Nine, I mean Sixty-Nine, or the Ying Yang Birthday,

David White

I think all babies are beautiful, don’t you, Baby?

You’re Beautiful


One thought on “I Am Not The Only Baby

  1. So very, very TRUE!! At different times of life We all can be very beautiful BABIES! Aren’t we lucky to have that FIND if we have the opportunity and recognize THAT chance in our LIFE!!
    At my age now, I’m to “OLD” to be anything more than so very HAPPY with my life! THANKS to my children and now grown-up grandchildren!!💝🙋


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