Not At Home? You Ought To Be.

Blog 1426 – 08.16.2019

Not At Home? You Ought To Be.

My dear and beloved now twenty-three years departed dad was an entertaining story-teller and quite a humorist. He had several running gag lines that he like to pull out for those he thought might not have heard them or at least not nearly often enough. Ha One of his classics around the dinner table, shortly after grace (One of the few religious observations that I ever saw my dad participate in) dad with raised head and his shoulders back would announce in a strong voice, “If you are not at home, you ought to be.” That those words could be taken as gracious or somewhat threatening was not lost upon him for he would then smile mischievously, the great grin that he referred to as his “Shit eating grin.”

By the way, did you know that mother cats help their new born kittens to potty by stimulating their annus with their tongues and then eats their babies poop. Many of us are not cut out for motherhood but how many other jobs seem like that last part at least figuratively if not literally.

I am reminded of an angry father driving his young family on a long over-due vacation who was trying to pull the car onto the highway and seeing cars bumper to bumper for miles, screamed in frustration: “Don’t these people have homes, or jobs, or anything?”

Even if you have a job that you love I hope you have a home where you can relax, feel loved, and not have to eat anybody’s poop. I have said and easily as often as my dad told his favorite jokes or stories that I believe heaven and home reside within, inside us and that our outward world only mirrors our inward one. We make the outward world a better place by working on our inward one.

How thrilling it is to catch glimpse of the paradise that we want and can make our inner world into reflected in another. That is what I think “falling in love” is – these marvelous glimpses of home, of heaven, of paradise in another pair of eyes.

Feels Like Home To Me

I love this Randy Newman song and I love you. Welcome home.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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