My Jesus Is No Scarecrow

Blog 1428 – 08.18.2019

My Jesus Is No Scarecrow

On the road where the construction crew is working that I am inspecting there is a metal warehouse building that is some kind of a church. Out front near the former two lane State Road is what I photographed for you today. For most of my life I considered myself to be a Christian but have not for many years, twenty actually I spent trying hard to be an atheist but for the last ten years or so I have recognized the higher power in my life that had always been there, waiting patiently in line. I used to think his name was Jesus and that could indeed be one of his/her many names. The first names that I knew God by, like many of you, was “Mama and Daddy.” Then as my life progressed I learn to also see God in other people, places, and things. The greatest revelation for me was discovering God in me. That is something often misunderstood. “Who do you think you are, God.?” Well, yes actually, but not to worry for so are you, everyone and everything is.

It is a bit disturbing to me when people try to make Jesus, or anyone, or anything the only One true God. Jesus was, is, I am sure a wonderful guy but even he said that we are all God’s children and called us all, “brothers and sisters.” I love all my family and it encompasses everyone. And I do not need nor a DNA test to tell me what I know in my heart and in my bones, that we are all made of and from the same stuff – the God particle, the God Spark. One DNA test said that I and a bunch of folk with similar DNA are related, if I read the report correctly, to some famous Irish king who lived about 1,000 C.E. or A.D. but if we could trace back far enough, I am quite sure we would find that we are all kin, blood relatives.

One other thing, two really that disturb me are when people accuse me of not loving Jesus because I no longer buy all the hype the Christian churches push about him, for profit and control more than anything else I am afraid, as if they could buy and sell people – yes church folk have done just that and still do – slavery and sex trafficking still being “church sponsored” in some places even yet, and the patriarchic and archaic idea that than men own their wives and children and can do with them as they please because God says so. I have to call BS on that.

Lastly what the picture inspired me to write today about – it disturbs me when people try to make Jesus out to be some kind of scarecrow, like he came to scare the hell out of people and them to God. I am ashamed to say that for long time I was a part of an organization that did just that, even showing a silly scary movie to children and young people trying to scare the hell out of them called, “The Burning Hell.”

I believe that the very idea of hell was invented by man, not God. Jesus according to the Bible, a book (66 really) in my opinion not nearly as accurate and reliable as some think, used a term for the garbage dump outside Jerusalem where they burned the trash, that word is translated “Hell” in the New Testament. If you can believe that a loving God could or would burn any of His/Her children forever like trash then we have a vastly different understanding of God, of Love, which is the whole message Jesus tried his best to proclaim i.e. John 3:16 “ For God so loved the world he gave…” I stopped there because even in the last part of that short and simple verse, I am thinking, the message might have gotten garbled a bit with that “only begotten son bit.” No other religion, outlandish as many others are in their own ways, ever makes the claim that their “messenger” was the only true son of God, the only God. Buddah, Mohamed, all the god-kings, none ever even pretended for a moment to be the “only God.” I do not think Jesus did either. But as I have intimated more than once, he did piss off the Jewish Council, the Sanhedrin, in his first mock trial, when he answered their question, “Are you the Son (the Child) of God?” with God’s name – “I Am.” But he taught that we all are, that the whole enchilada is God, the Universe.

It was the Sanhedrin with the complicit Roman occupiers that forced Jesus into that “scarecrow pose.” I just watched The Wizard Of Oz” again yesterday for way over the hundredth time, and when Dorothy first runs across the Scarecrow, she has to help him down off the crossed posts where he was stuck doing a “Jesus on the cross pose.” Jesus was not then nor was he ever meant to be a scarecrow but a messenger with a love letter from a God in which God was trying as He/She always is to clear up the misunderstanding men seem to always have, their egos anyway. God is no Bogey man, and never created a hell, nor a devil to rule over it. God is a one song musician and His/Her one song, memorized by the angels, having heard it so often, “Peace on earth, good will to everybody (not just men).” And in case you miss the underlining theme, simply put the message is always the same, “I love you because you are me. Relax we’ve got this.”

Peace from The Music Machine

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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