Why Do Weekends Seem So Special?

Blog 1413 – 08.03.2019

Why Do Weekends Seem So Special?

The Apostle Paul, never shy to take on controversial subjects, wrote that one honors one day, another another, and some honor all the same, but in a lot more words than these few went on to write that what really matters is that we LIVE in the moment, Carpe Diem (Seize the Day.)

It is nice to have something to look forward to, as it is often nice to have sweet memories to look back on, but if we allow these to become too big a part of our daily life we are the loser and will miss the best of each today. A line from a favorite Dionne Warwick song comes to mind:

“A fool will lose tomorrow reaching back for yesterday

I won’t turn my head in sorrow if you should go away

I’ll stand here and remember just how good it’s been

And I know I’ll never love this way again”

Constantly comparing everything to some “golden era” of the past or some wishful blissful dream of the future are both fool’s errands. Even the sweetest day thus far day gone by or the loveliest dream of a heavenly sweet by and by can never be any better than the nastiest now and now if we just seize and savor it for all it is worth. The best has not been nor is yet to be but it is now and we have not before nor ever will more love and live than we can and should this magic moment.


I’ll Never Love This Way Again

I share these karaoke covers of songs that mean so much to me with you not because I think myself a great singer or because I hope to have a great singing career (that ship has probably sailed for me this go round at least) but because I want you to hear the words the way they were meant to be heard – sung right to your heart of hearts. Some are fearful that I might get into trouble for sharing other’s art so freely but I do not charge, freely offering what I have freely received with the hope that if you really like someone else’s art that I have shared you will buy a copy of the original and thereby reward the artist for their creativity. I am just a Mockingbird sharing freely what I have heard and seen.

I believe everything is ours to share. Many of the now famous and rich authors and artists still remember and fondly when they wrote, sang, and created their art for free. Once on a walk with my beloved, creative, and now dearly departed daughter Emily in one of her favorite places on this big blue marble, Old Alexandria, Virginia she showed me the small bus depot where she said she would take out her guitar or ukulele and sing as passers-buy would some of them sometimes drop coins in her case. Emily always needed a little extra cash but she would have and did most often sing her songs for free, Emily The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along.

The month of Emily (July) is passed as is she but not really for the month of Emily, she, and for her sweet song lives on and not in a sad way but like a beautiful soundtrack accompanying each new day as memories of the past and dreams of tomorrow are meant to. The “not having our cake and eating it to” thing is a false premise based on the false assumption of “shortage.” Everything is ours to freely enjoy for out there beyond the horizon – there’s more, there’s more – to have, to hold, and to enjoy.

Your friend and fellow traveler

Enjoying daily the abundance, and sharing it the best I can,

David White

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