A Few Words About Visiting Angels

Blog 1411 – 08.02.2019

A Few Words About Visiting Angels

The wonderful cast of characters that populate these wonderful productions that we call our lives are there by design and not just random lions, and tigers, and bears sent to scare us but visiting angels all. They are picked out by us to play each part in the sometimes comedy/tragedy/drama that we have written ourselves into to play the leading role.

And what are angels but ministering spirits sent to guide us along the way and keep the story moving.


Angels Among Us

Some think a belief in angels or that we arranged these visitations ourselves is just a romantic and silly notion but I think not. Angels always show up at just the right time and in just the right way, is that timing or just some really good planning, you decide? But we would all do well when troubles swell to keep an eye out for angels for they are always near and here, our troubles to share.

In an interview that Satan had with Jesus, the devil quoted a lot of scripture to Jesus. One of my favorites is, “He gives his angels charge of you to raise you up lest you dash your foot against a stone.” Many think that verse was written just for Jesus, but we are Jesus, children of the Universe, and that same great love guides and protects us all. We cannot fail or fall, for this is all a dream and we are actually safe in Father’s house asleep in our own room dreaming. When we awake it will be to realize that we have always been and will always be safe at home and surrounded by angels.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Also one of your angels as you are mine,

David White

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