August, So Serious

Blog 1412 – 08.01.2019

August, So Serious

The heat of summer is still seriously upon us, but cool is on the way, especially for those of us residing in more northern climes. I happen to think with 99.9 % of all environmental scientists that man-made climate change has and is contributing to the heat. But I also think that “thoughts become things” and that we only need to change our thinking and our actions and reactions will follow.

Once upon a time, the profit motive was not all that drove us, there was also a sense of duty, of stewardship for the land and “Serve and Protect” was not just a slogan printed on police cars to try to improve public relations with the department. Serve and Protect was a goal of not just religious leaders, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and politicians but business people as well. The public trust and greater good was a priority and not just Madison Avenue hype trying to hawk a product or service and get the best price.

Time was when “build a better mouse trap” was the secret to success not “finding a better angle, a slicker con, damn the consequences – Whatever it takes to make a buck.” There are still doctors and mechanics who really want to provide a genuine service and not just to get rich talking people into things they do not really need. Unneeded auto repairs, drugs, and surgeries are a big drain on our economy and all the associated costs they engender. How do we change that? We must first change our thinking. Flashy and slick advertising has made us consumers but we are still persons with expectations of being served and protected, of serving and protecting other people and our planet. If we are not we are no better than the “robber barons” we accuse of abuse.

The Golden Rule starts with us little guys and we must make sure that we only share our wealth with those who practice it too. Those with bigger purses have filled them with coins from our change purses and it is time we used the power of the purse to take back our country, and our world. More rich people who care only for more profit and self-interest have not nor will ever make America or any country great. Serving and protecting did and does that. We once had a young President who right out of the box said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Those lines sound socialistic, backwards, and perhaps a little corny to many but they inspired a generation of young people to give their best, to make a difference, to put a man on the moon, and to demonstrate to end a foolish and costly illegal war – not a bad legacy to leave. That young President was shot and killed, I think, because he announced one month before his assassination that he intended to remove the U.S. military advisors from Vietnam. After his death that did not happen, instead our involvement in the conflict became greater and the Vietnam War went on to create the most millionaires ever in the U.S. at a cost of over fifty thousand U.S. military lives and far more other military and civilians lives especially Vietnamese, and at an added cost of billions and billions of dollars.

War is one way to redistribute the wealth but there are other less costly ones. Serving and protecting are what we were made for, loving and giving. Now that, to me, is truly living.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

So serious on the first day of August,

David White

2 thoughts on “August, So Serious

  1. I do believe in this and I do believe in YOU. I’m trying to get all caught up so thanks for hanging in with me☺🙋


  2. Every bit of this is very, very TRUE but also sad😢 Loving & giving is so true for me too. And why are we so 😢 for the first day of August?😢🙋I’ll be back in a bit in a while. Cooking dinner. 🙋


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