Till It’s Time To Say See You Later

Blog 1411- 07.31.2019

Till It’s Time To Say “ See You Later”

I have a boyhood friend who makes it his mission and has for sometime to keep up with the passing, obituaries, and funeral arrangement of friends and family of friends in the Chattanooga area. I am one of many who is glad and grateful that Eddie emails this information out to many who would not otherwise know. I recently found out that a great Uncle of mine had passed without my knowing till several months later and even worse that a first cousin died in 2017 and I only found that out trying to let her know that our great uncle had passed.

It is shocking how easy it is for us to lose touch with family and friends especially if we do not live close by, have different interests – political, religious, and social. These two were once very special people in my life and once means always. I wave a fond “see you later” to both and believe that I shall see them again “with a holy host of others standin’ around me” as one of my favorite songs, Carolina In My Mind, by James Taylor says so well.


California In My Mind

I have over the years substituted several different names with James’ original “Carolina.” First “My Wyoming,” then “My Alaska,” “My Indiana”, and for sometime now “”California.” I would, I think, like to live in Northern California for a while. Planting the seed this way, making my request known to the Universe, always seems to work for me. California has always been a very progressive state and though many think that keeping things the status quo and not progressing is the way to go, I do not think so. I may very well after a time in California in the future end up in the Carolinas for I love that part of the world as well, especially the mountains so much like those of my boyhood in East Tennessee.

Someday it will be my turn to say, “See You later” to the mountains, the prairies, the rivers, the lakes and the oceans of this big beautiful blue ball. But till that day I hope to savor this beautiful lady from her mountain mama’s to her lush green valleys. This land is my land and not just the fifty U.S. states but the whole wide wonderful world. Let us take as good care of her as she has us. We owe it not just to her, to our children and grand children, but to ourselves. Before we say, “See You Later” let us see her now, tomorrow, and forever in all her glory.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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