Happy Birthday, Baby

Blog 1410 – 07.30.2019

Happy Birthday, Baby

My lovely and beloved wife, Linda Lee Stokes, and I have called one another “Baby” since February of 1988. Linda has always made a big deal of my birthday and I have tried always to make a big deal of hers. I have never been one of those stereotypical husbands who forgets birthdays and anniversaries.

I confess that I do have a little trouble with the exact date of Linda’s since for the first eighteen or so years she celebrated it on July 31st, till she had to get a certified copy of her birth certificate to attend college and learned that her actual birthday was July 30th. Since Linda lost her birth mom, Willie Mae Peach Stokes, when she was six years old, the one who knew best the date of her birthday was not there to make sure the exact date was observed. Linda was fortunate to have another mom come into her life, Betty Lou Stokes, who with so many children to raise might not have known exact birthdays but nevertheless loved all her children, “his, mine, and ours” all hers, theirs. This is Linda’s first birthday without her daddy, Wallace Mendel Stokes, who passed last April. He loved to sing and she loved to hear him. Elvis Presley sang, “Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas.” Linda Baby, your birthday has always been like Christmas in July to me. Here’s your birthday song:


Merry Christmas, Darling

Linda may be rolling her eyes as she reads this, because she is a very private person and does not care for anyone especially me telling her business. But, then I am a “shout it from the house tops” kind of guy and want to use this opportunity, this platform, to tell the world that my Birthday Girl is the most important person in the world to me, second, if even that, only to me. Darling, your business is my business and your happiness is my happiness. Happy Birthday, Baby, and many, many happy returns.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Linda’s Baby and she is mine, and I’m not clowning,

David White

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