While You Were Sleeping

Blog 1409 – 07.29.2019

While You Were Sleeping

One of my all time “go to, feel good” movies to watch over and over again is Sandra Bullock’s, While You Were Sleeping. I never tire of it’s humor and simple love story. Lucy Eleanor Moderatz, Sandra’s character, is a transit worker on the Chicago El and her job consists of sitting in a toll booth by the train track and taking tokens and letting people through a turnstile to board the elevated train. She sees Peter Callaghan, played by Peter Gallagher, a handsome and well-dressed professional board the train each morning and falls in love with him.

Even though she worked Thanksgiving her boss talks her into working Christmas as well because she has no family and he and everyone else want to spent Christmas with their families. Peter shows up at her window and wishes her, Merry Christmas, as he drops his token and she, all tongue-tied, misses her first chance to speak to her fantasy love. Two young toughs on the platform start hassling Peter as he wait for the train to arrive and in the struggle he slips back and falls onto the track. Lucy runs out as the young men flee and jumps on the track to try to help an unconscious Peter. The express train is bearing down on them and at the last minute Lucy hugs Peter rolling them both off the tracks to safety.

At the hospital they will not let Lucy go in to see Peter because she is not family. As the electric glass doors to the emergency treatment area close, she says under her breath, “But I was going to marry him.” A nurse overhears her and arranges to take her to Peter’s room in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit.) Peter is still in a coma so the nurse tells her, “Let him hear your voice.” As the nurse is leaving a policeman comes up to her and says, “Is that the woman who saved his life.” The nurse replies, “It gets even better than that. She is also his fiancée.” The cop starts to question Lucy about the accident but is interrupted by the attending physician who needs to talk to Lucy. Then the doctor too is interrupted when all of Peter’s immediate family except his brother Jack emotionally show up. Even Peter’s godfather Saul and grandmother are in the excited group. In the confusion Lucy is again introduced as Peter’s fiancée and before she can object she is hugged by Peter’s mom and sister and it feels so good that she just can’t tell them and then Grandma’s heart condition is also a factor in her keeping quiet.

The next day she meets Jack and she and he are so perfectly suited for one another that you know where the story is heading. It is a wonderful Christmas in Chicago love story. Then after a typical girl wants love, boy finds girl, boy loses, boy gets girl back trajectory the final scene has the couple, Lucy and Jack, on the El Train with a “Just Married” sign on the back car and they are kissing as the train pulls out. Lucy says in a voice over, “Peter once asked me, ‘When did you fall in love with Jack’ and I told him, ‘While you were sleeping.'”

During the first six or so years of our lives a great deal happens while we are sleeping. And to some degree that is true all throughout our lives. Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White are not the only ones to awaken to true love’s kiss. It is a metaphor, and a lovely one at that, this wonderful awakening to Who and Whose we are. In my new project that I call “David Reading Children’s Books, I am looking for children’s books to record so than in my small way I can be of service to parents, grandparents, and the children and grand children that they love at “story time.” I was reading one a couple of days ago before buying it called, “The Magic Locket” by Elizabeth Koda-Callan. I include a link to it here.


The Magic Locket

“I believe in you.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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