Traveling Man

Traveling Man

Blog 1404 – 07.24.19

In my work as a contract gas utility, pipeline, and welding inspector I get to spend many hours and miles on the road. I get paid and well for it, to be sure, but even when I am able to retire from my day job I hope to spend much of my remaining years traveling the highways and byways of this wonderful country and the wider world. I have been in all fifty U.S. states but there is still so much I have not seen. I have traveled in five Canadian provinces but seen so little of even those. I drove British Columbia from bottom to top on my way to Alaska and it was gorgeous but still I saw but a fraction of it.

I have been in ten other countries outside the U.S. and I am proud of that but I still have not seen Paris, nor London, nor Rome and so many other cities and towns that many call home.

Many Americans, and I use the term to refer to citizens of the U.S. that think only they are true Americans, have no desire to leave even the lower forty-eight let alone see the world. The U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii and its territories have a lot to commend it. But so do other countries in this hemisphere and elsewhere. People used to talk of “a man of the world” as if that were a good thing but today seem to think nationalism and pride in one’s country is paramount. I heard a quote once that “Patriotism is the refuge of scoundrels.” Oddest thing to me that a rich man who got rich conning others can yet make poor people believe he has their best interests at heart, or that a life long jet-setter whose biggest investments are outside this country could make anyone believe the best interests of this country are his highest priority. If we are honest I think we all know that his highest priority is himself. Why, Dave, we have no idea who you are talking about.

Rick Nelson as a young man did quite a bit of traveling and all throughout his life. Traveling is often a solitary life, away from the comforts of home, family, and friends. His song Traveling Man was even for him more a dream than reality, I mean the “in every port I own the heart of at least one lovely girl” part. We own but one heart, our own. But we can share the love in that heart with anyone we wish as I am sharing these, I hope, encouraging words with you. See the best in everyone by being the best we can. Share the wealth that is the true way to be rich, and make every part of the world wherever you are great.

Travelin’ Man

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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