Something New From The Treasure House

Blog 1423 – 07.23.2019

Something New From The Treasure House

When I was a boy there was no Sesame Street, no Reading Rainbow but there was Captain Kangaroo, Bunny Rabbit, Mr Green jeans and story time. In addition to this daily blog, and my Daily Mockingbird Song email, I am beginning a David Reads Children’s Books email for any who are interested. Just send your email address to:

requesting to be added to David Reading…List. Here is my second feature that goes out today:

The Berenstains’ B Book

I have in addition to over 1400 blogs “in the can”, about two hundred and seventy-five Mockingbird Songs recorded, I have now two children’s books recorded too. For some time I have wanted to be a writer, singer, and speaker. Reading children’s books is a good start on that third one.

I receive a Note From The Universe by email each week day. And when I signed up to receive them years ago my friend and author of the Notes, well scribe anyway, Mike Dooley, requested a few answers to a few simple questions (no what is your social security number or credit card number questions.) Simple things, name, birthday, a short list of what I want most of all, to make the Notes seem more personal. I remember typing that I wanted to write, sing, and speak words that encourage myself and others. I also said that I would not mind having the keys to the treasure house like ole Captain Kangaroo.

I hope many will come to think of these blogs, and my Mockingbird Songs as treasures from my treasure house to yours. Today I introduce another treasure, I hope, from the treasure house. I hope you will share them with your babies, grand babies, and friends who might like to as well.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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