When The Student Is Ready

Blog 1405 – 07.25.2019

When The Student Is Ready

I am sure most of us are grateful for all we have learned from the many teachers we have encountered in life. And I, in no way wish to diminish the role of those caring and competent souls who have heard and accepted the call to teach. It is to the Highest Best Teacher within each one of us that I refer when I complete the quote that I began in today’s title: “When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear.”

No matter the name you choose to call that Teacher, God, known by hundreds of names, or your conscious, or your higher self, the Great Teacher is ready, willing, and waiting to impart the knowledge you need for every situation. All the instruction we will ever need is available to each one of us. Ask and you shall receive. What is inspiration but those moments when the Teacher gets the lesson through to us?

Our teachers in schools, colleges, universities, and technical training institutes have curriculums that are limited and specific to certain career goals. The Great Teacher knows all and all about us individually as well. His/Her tutoring program is tailor-made to meet our every need.

As my little pocket engraved heart reminds me each time my fingers touch it, reaching for my keys or putting coin change in my pocket or removing it: “I am Holy. I am whole.” And on the other side: “Thank you for this day, Spirit.” The spirit teacher is always ready and when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I am not your teacher, Mister Dave, nor Pa Pa David, and I never will be, call me what you will. I am your brother. You are your own true teacher as I am mine. I am only…

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Offering an encouraging word.

David White

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