Loving Is It’s Own Payback

Blog 1422 – 07.22.2019

Loving Is It’s Own Pay Off

In one of my all-time favorite movies, the 1984 remake of The Razor’s Edge – “Somerset Maugham’s Larry Darrell (Bill Murray) goes from World War I, to a coal mine, to the Himalayas seeking inner peace.” One of my favorite lines in the movie, and there are many is at the end of the movie when Larry says to Elizabeth, his life long love, (played by TV’s Highway To Heaven mom, Catherine Hicks, “Elizabeth, you just don’t get it…there is no pay off.” What I think Larry means is, “Love is it’s own pay off.”

We live in a very jaded world where the mantra of many is, “What’s in it for me?” And the prime directive from pre-school to the Presidency seems to be the profit motive. Even the professions, religious minister, medical doctor, nurse, teacher, and social worker once thought of as altruistic and as service to others jobs unless they produce a great payback in financial and material rewards are talked about jokingly with lines like “those who can’t do teach” and “doctors do not promise results for they are only practicing.”

What is love’s payback, the true currency of the Cosmos, the key ingredient that keeps everything spinning from the tiniest atom to the center of the Milky Way and beyond? The pay back for loving is love boomeranging back to the sender as sure and as true as the sun rising in the East. A tale as old as time.


Beauty And the Beast

So rare back and fling it as far as you can and rest assured it will bless the intended and unintended targets and return to the sender undiminished. For it is the music of love that hath powers to soothe the savage beast in all of us and that is the only payback worth giving, worth living for. Though it may seem at times that love is like a razor’s edge it is most like a rose. Loving and being loved makes the heart open never to close.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

2 thoughts on “Loving Is It’s Own Payback

  1. Good day David,
    I AGREE “loving is it’s own payback. Been trying to catch up but WEATHER has been difficult here (storms & LOTS if WIND!)


  2. I’ve been trying to “catch up” but I struggling to be able to go thru to YOU😢 bizarre WEATHER and mainly WIND!! SORRY to be so behind but I’m so APPRECIATIVE to hear from you each day. If this crazy weather goes AWAY, I’ll be ☺🙋


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