The Lion King Revisited

Blog 1401 – 07.21.2019

The Lion King Revisited

Twenty-five years ago my wife Linda, my then four year old son Jonathan, and I saw Disney’s animated movie, The Lion King. If I recall we saw it several times at the theater and later several more times on VHS and had the soundtrack tape cassette in the car where we heard all the songs over and over again on vacation trips for years. Simba, Mustafa and the entire gang were like family. Circle of Life has been one of my wife’s and my favorite songs for all of these passed years.

Leave it to Disney to always up the ante. Yesterday, I saw the newly released Lion King movie and it was wonderful. Over the past several years Disney has premiered several of it’s animated classics in live action or with three D computer graphic (GG) enhanced images of long beloved characters like the beast in Beauty And The Beast, the elephants in Dumbo, and now all the animals in The Lion King. Even though it comes right on the hills of Toy Story 4, I am sure this franchise too will continue to build on its long-time following as it fascinates a new generation of children and adults with the new Lion King who will then pass it on to their children, grandchildren, and great grand children.

I attended the nine-thirty a.m. showing hoping to avoid most of the parents with kids in-tow crowd. Still there were more than a few early Saturday morning rising families who joined me. I looked up before the movie started to see a proud grandma guiding her young grand daughter to a seat. Both were smiling and excited and the shorter one was wearing a hakuna matata tee shirt. I had to smile too at that pretty picture. Had I not left my cell phone in the truck I would have snapped it for this blog. But there you have it in words.

That is what the best of writers do and what I always attempt to do – paint beautiful and encouraging pictures in words for you. And The Lion King Revisited is one that I am proud to hang in gallery for you. Do take a little time to view some of my other word paintings all painted just for you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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