Problems With People And Relationships

Blog 1400 – 07.20.2019

Problems With People And Relationships

Today is another of those milestones – 1400 blogs. Still quite a ways from my goal of 10,000 but whether I get to write that many of not, I promise to give each one and that goal my best shot.

Today I’d like to talk a little more about problems with people and relationships.

Our problems with people and relationships are really just problems with ourselves. We, all of us, I think, have unresolved issues and the people we draw into our lives are there to show us what we need most to be working on. And that is not to be trying to change them but what we see in them that disturbs us so is something in us that wants changing. For you see we really cannot change anything about anyone else, that is as the saying goes above our pay grade, but we can change ourselves. Most of the time the only change required is a change of mind, a change in our thinking.

Think about this, the God of the Bible thought and spoke everything into being out of nothingness. And we, like father, like child, have that same creative power with our thoughts and words to reshape our world at will. Everything and everyone in our lives is there because we willed it to be so. They all come and go like characters and props in a play. We are the author, producer, and the star of the show. Any problems with the production are ours to resolve.

Impossible as it seems there is no problem with people or relationships that cannot be resolved. Sometimes that means when we change our thoughts to better ones some actor or actors’ role will no longer be needed and another will come into the scene to play a new and different part. Life like the best of plays has scene and cast changes throughout. As the main character becomes more and more developed relationships change, some deepen others reveal themselves to be only passing roles. Indeed in plays and movies even many of the main characters exit the stage before the star does, but return for the curtain call and cast party afterwards.

It is possible to get so caught up in the trauma and drama of all the side stories that we forget that it is a play and that we we are only responsible for our own lines and actions and the direction that we take the play in with them. Our problems with people and relationships are only a thought away from being forever solved and resolved. It is simply a matter of becoming and staying focused on Who and Whose we really are and that we are presently just playing a role in a time and space production. Enjoy the show.

Action, lights, camera – are you ready for your close up?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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