Thank You For Being A Friend

Blog 1397 – 07.17.2019

Thank You For Being A Friend

Two days ago on the 15th of Emily (The 15th of July to those of you who never met her) my daughter Emily Elaine White would have turned thirty-nine had she not had other pressing matters in a higher realm five years ago less three days. Emily was a wonderful singer/song writer, performer, and daughter but even more than all that she was a great friend to all who met her and I was one of the first to meet and greet her. The featured article always if you google this blog at:

is My First Walk With Emily. I am proud that for the first part of her life I got to be her dad but I am even prouder that I got to know her as a friend. Emily did not get to live to be a Golden Girl but the theme from that long time TV sitcom says well what kind of friend she was:

Thank You For Being A Friend

Thank you, my Darling Girl, for showing us all better how to be the best friend and do say hello to all the friends there. See you later, Emily.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And friend of Emily,

David White

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