Never Ending Story

Blog 1396 – 07.16.2019

Never Ending Story

Who says this story has an end? Only those who have forgotten the who, what, where, how, and when or if it ever did it begin. In the many movies I have seen and the stories that I have read about multiple lives the person beginning a new one is always made to forget past lives so they can have a fresh start finding their way through a new adventure. I think that is because if you knew Who you have been and Where throughout time that it might take a of the little shine and the surprise off of this adventure. You might be thinking what an imagination I have to believe any such thing but then is it not amazing all the incredible things that we all believe? Incredible means unbelievable by the way. So I guess that “incredible belief” is an oxymoron. And, no, I did not call you an ox nor a moron. It just means that adult thing of holding two opposing thoughts in our heads at the same time.

To a child everything is linear (having a clearly defined beginning, predictable flow, and neat tied in a bow end) or is simply right or wrong, black or white. Life, even this one we are currently experiencing is hardly ever like that really. It is a lot more like those confusing and difficult to follow books and movies where they keep bouncing back into the past, ahead into the future, or have dreams and fantasies till you really have to pay close attention or you have no idea what is going on. Many are row, row, rowing their boats gently down the stream, hardly awake enough to be enjoying this dream. Waking up is even more wonderful after a good sleep for then we realize that we had the power all along not to just paddle down stream but that we launched the boat and were steering it all along by our desires subconsciously. Every seeming log jam, placid patch, or raging rapid we put there to show us something, to gently guide us, or to not so gently awaken us to Who and Whose we truly are.

In every story even Jesus’s story it is the same. It is his story (history), her story, our story – god awakens, takes charge, takes responsibility to make a difference in that world. We do not make much of a difference until we wake up. One of my favorite verses in the New Testament says, “Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that excellent and perfect will of God.” I have heard that quoted over and over to express particular religious views but I think it has an even bigger fuller meaning than any limited church’s view. Literally those words mean to me “Do not let the world (the illusion) press you into its mold but wake up to Who and Whose you really are and reshape this world (this dream) however you choose according to your excellent and perfect will as god of this world.” It is an interesting take this dreaming fully awake. It is like Dorothy and trio who believed the Wizard of Oz was the “go to” guy only to finally see the little man behind the curtain was only allowing them to learn by doing that they each in their own way were the true wizards of Oz. Who after all had the brain, the heart, the courage , and the determination to melt a witch and find her way back home? Why Dorothy Gale of Kansas of course but then it is her story. It is our story and it has no beginning and it has no end. Wake up and smell the coffee but whether you are a coffee drinker or not make the most of this dream.

Who do you believe is the god of this world, a malcontent rebel, a detached and distant clockmaker, or a hands on secret agent in disguise? Feeling a little like double O seven are we? The name is Bond, James Bond or Jane Bond. What a action packed riveting story. Enjoy!

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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