Thank You For Reading

Blog 1398 – 07.18.2019

Thank You For Reading

There are so many writers today, so much already written, and more every day, that it is audacious of any writer to think anyone would take the time to read any of his or her particular stuff when there are so many classics already in print. That is the conundrum of today’s multitude of varied budding authors, and especially, I understand, for those writers of children’s books. I took a course once thinking of entering that field but decided I would prefer writing to young adults and older ones. Most young parents with limited extra funds stick almost solely to the classic children’s books when purchasing books to read to their children and to begin their children’s reading libraries.

When my daughter Emily was a little girl I often watched PBS’s Reading Rainbow with her and enjoyed the contemporary children’s books featured as much as she did and checked them out of the local library for her till she got her own library card. I am so glad that my daughter loved to read. It made her world so much bigger, fuller, and her experience far wider and broader. Though she only lived barely thirty-two years, hers was a very full life. Reading played a big part in her life as did singing. Goddess, but that girl could sing. Google “Dancing With Spock” if you would like to hear a taste. Sometime if you find anything in this blog of mine that peaks your interest I hope you will scroll down to the first few July(s), Emily’s, I Iike to call them, and read the thirty-two episodes that I wrote about her in a book called: Emily, The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along.

I had intended to republish the book on the blog every year but I only did the first couple of years as my desire to write daily took over. I started this blog for the sole purpose of building a platform, a readership, a following, that might make it possible for me to convince a publisher to publish my book about Emily. I even compared my desire for everyone to know my Emily to the father who published The Diary Of Anne Frank and thereby made the larger world aware of his beloved and wonderful daughter.

Realizing now that Emily is quite well-known in a higher realm already and that one day all will know her even as we are all wonderfully known and loved, I no longer feel the urgency to make her nor myself famous. I just love to write and to share what is on my heart and mind. If I never make a living writing that is fine too as I have a day job that more than pays the bills and I am making plans and provisions to retire in a few years so I will have even more time to write.

Will anyone read it? You already are, and more and more are finding The Encouraging Word a place to spend a few pleasant moments each day. I hope to arrange a trust to ensure that even after I am gone from this scene that my words will still be here, in the cloud, free of charge, for anyone to read them who wants. Thank you for reading and everyone that you encourage to read this blog too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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