The Alternative

Blog 1391 – 07.11.2019

The Alternative

How often we are told we have no choice, usually by people perhaps even ourselves believing that the choice is cut and dry, black or white, good or bad – with no alternative. A couple of days ago I posted a picture of a couple of my boyhood heroes, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. I do not get a lot of comments on my blogs so I read each one closely to see what might strike readers about them. One reader who has read my blogs and clicked like several times wrote:

“Two high moral mentors in history…Dale Evans and Roy Rogers

.. right?”

I do know know exactly what to make of that comment but then I am sure I have often written things that can be taken several ways and I am fine with that. I do understand that Roy and Dale were both “show people” and as such their young lives were full of partying and the temptations that young people in the field of entertainment have always had to deal with and most often not to the liking of many church folks. I am sure they both professed to be life long Christians but of course there are as many interpretations as to what that means as there are Christian churches and probably many more.

I have attended several different kinds of Christian churches and I have known many good people who did and do and some rascals too. I have an even bigger problem with the word “moral” than I do with the word Christian. Roy and Dale were very involved in their later lives promoting their faith and their morals. I love many of the teachings of Jesus, call by some The Christ, but I think his message was co-opted by religious people and it was and still is often so twisted that he probably would not recognize much of it today.

The problem I have with morals, except those used to end a story or a joke “the moral of this story or joke is” meaning the point, is that most often it is used to express that the “moral” person’s views or judgements are always the true or correct ones while any opposing views or judgements are false or incorrect. Hence the root cause of all those many many Christian churches instead of just one as Jesus clearly taught if he taught anything clearly that survived being mangled, misconstrued, or misinterpreted in the New Testament.

High morals to me means highly judgmental and so sure of one’s views and positions as to allow no alternative. But there is always an alternative view, decision, or ruling, often several. The winners get to write the history books and the rules but history proves that they are not always honest, correct, nor best. Sometimes the alternative is the one we thinking folks are looking for. Thinking or not, we always do choose our path and our own take on morals. Jesus is quoted as saying, “Judge not lest you be judged. Be careful the rule you measure with as it will be used to measure you.” Or words to that effect. And the Apostle Paul went on to say in one of his letters:

Romans 2:1

You therefore have no excuse, you who pass judgment on another. For on whatever grounds you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

Even dear brother Paul got it spot on from time to time or at least got it passed the gate keepers that time.

I love the picture today. It is so spot on. And thank you for that comment, dear reader, what ever you meant by it, it got me thinking. Always a daring and dangerous thing to do.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Thinking about the alternative,

David White

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