From Small Beginnings We All Grow

Blog 1390 – 07.10.2019

From Small Beginning We All Grow

Today a young man that I have known and loved most of his life turns 46 years young, Ben Heyen. Happy Birthday, Ben, and many happy return.

Sixty-eight and a half years ago a days old me came home from The Women’s Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee to the little house with the unpainted picket fence on Park Avenue just off Main Street pictured behind my two handsome uncles in today’s picture.

Like Ben, my uncles, I, all of us really, we begin this life in a small way and our bodies and understanding grows of exactly Who and Whose we are. Do you never tire, Dave of that phrase, Who and Whose we are? Nope, I do not and will probably spend the rest of my days during this adventure exploring its depths and sharing what I find out with my family, you.

In the U.S. as I am sure elsewhere we have a fondness for rags to riches, bottom to the top, stories. Why, even the President would have us believe he is a “self man man.” John F. Kennedy never talked that way but then things have change quite a bit since his time, what people will overlook in their public officials. JFK was indeed a womanizer too but tried to hide that from the public at large and the press was complicit in that because things like that seemed to matter to more people then than they do now.

I suppose “self-made man” is an accurate description of all of us really. Even if you do not hold that we had a hand in planning each life adventure before hand you must admit that our narrative is shaped by our choices. Had I never accepted a work assignment to wherever I would never have met the people there nor had all those varied and wonderful experiences. Much as I am happy to have seen as much of the States and world as I have I am even more grateful for all the interesting and unique people that I have met, each one having their own story with a complete cast of beloved characters in it. I have fallen in love with many who had already left this adventure because I met someone whose heart and mind were full of fabulous stories about them. And that will be true of each one of us too if we let our heart lights shine as E.T. the extraterrestrial did.

Loving leaves a mark and not the hurtful shameful kind but the kind that we eagerly and willingly share with others. Everyone no matter how terribly that they act out wants to be loved and always want to share their own love and loved stories.

I repeated the joke recently about a little bull going a long way. But even more so a little love if allowed to grows and grows till even a big heart or even bigger world cannot contain it. Because we are made more parts love and laughter to be heard and felt now and hereafter, I believe we are destined to grow and grow and to go on and on.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Greatest Love Of All

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